New Venue – New Star

SAN CARLOS, CA: Soaring temperatures in El Cajon (93!) have driven Lunchsketball indoors this week, as the players are taking well-timed advantage of an LA Fitness one-week trial promotion. Six Lunchsketball regulars were joined today by four guys who just happened to be looking for something to do at LA Fitness around noon on a Wednesday, in a game that became as Gary described, a “knuckle-burner”. A team with Kerry, Phil, Jim and Adam appeared to be on the road to an easy victory, after they jumped to a large early lead.

“We started out 4-on-4,” recounts G, “And we were getting our butts kicked.”

Never one to give up, Gary managed to lead his team back into the game by shrewdly acquiring gym patron and Lunchsketball new-comer Charles. This made all the difference.

“When he attacked through the key, he just like *** sound of rushing wind *** and he’d come storming through, and you just get out of his way,” said Kerry, of Charles. “We were actually ahead most of the game, and then this Charles guy just kind of poured it on. You know, he’s so big and strong, you had the feeling he could pretty much take over the game. When he decided it was time. Phil tried to defend him. You can ask him for his assessment on what that was like.”

“Charles, the guy who played yesterday, really very much a gentleman,” said Phil. “But as the game progressed he’d do a little more taking the ball to the hoop and I can slow him down a little bit… I enjoyed trying to defend him.”

Confusion and controversy erupted at mid-point, when the indoor venue made its presence known. Gary’s nephew Junior had a high-arcing 3 2-pointer ricochet off of the ceiling. This was new ground for Lunchsketball, as there are no ceilings to contend with at the regular outdoor court. A rule had to be established on the spot. Gary contended that possession should remain with the team that had shot the ball, but he was vetoed.

“How can it be out though,” argues Gary. “Because it didn’t go off the court! It’s not our fault that the ceiling is low.”

Low ceiling aside, comments were mostly positive regarding the indoor court, and there is general feeling that everybody wouldn’t mind playing there again.

“You know what’s convenient about there? I can buy Gatorade, right after it’s over,” explains Adam, speaking of the vending-machine smoothie-bar equipped LA Fitness.


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