Technology Debuts as Gary’s Team Powers to Victory

EL CAJON — It has not really been Lunchsketball lately, so much as Brunchsketball, Elevenses-sketball, or even an occasional game of Late-2nd-Breakfastsketball. The oppressive heat has forced the game to morning tip-offs, in pursuit of the cool early air. On this particular Monday morning, around 11 o’clock, Gary, Phil, Tim, Chris and Adam forged their way to an impressive victory; however, both their win and the scorching sun may have been overshadowed by a new addition to the game.

The winning team could fairly be summed up as “the team with all the size”.  Within Lunchsketball nomenclature, “the team with all the size” is the team with players who, compared to their opponents, are taller in aggregate. Contrast this to “the team with all speed”, which is the other general category of Lunchsketball teams, and is characterized by not having Gary on it.

“We just got beat to death on rebounds,” recounts Kerry. “Between Phil, Adam and Tim out there, me and Matt were just getting beat to death.”

Gary’s team was also helped by a spectacular performance by Tim. Tim doesn’t even have a Lunchsketball player profile yet, and he already has a nickname. “Benjamin Button” has come into popular use, because Tim’s mobility has improved noticeably with the passage of time, giving rise to speculation of a reverse aging process.

“I’m definitely having more fun,” says Tim. “I don’t [play poorly] as much.”

As mentioned above, all of these details are just a backdrop to a larger story – an exciting turn of events that promises to revolutionize the Luncksketball experience. Video footage of the games has been recorded and collected and is now available for viewing. There had been discussion of this possibility for many weeks, and on Monday, Adam strapped a camera onto his head and stepped onto the court. He was an instant sensation.

The results, it must be said, do not disappoint. The first clip of video footage to be uploaded to youtube is shown below. Enjoy as the game comes to your screen in stunning HD:

“They were talking about the camera the whole time,” said Adam of the other players, who were clearly distracted by the video presence in the game. This addition to Lunchsketball not only brings entertainment value, but is also being considered for other uses, such as the collection of statistics, or the development of a “booth review” system for officiating.


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