Guest Feature!

This week, Guest Blogger Kerry discusses the “Dream Team”, formed by Jorge, Trip and Kerry ???


Guest Blogger Kerry

Although their purported exploits are many, and the stories have grown and been embellished as they have been told and retold over time, sightings of the “Dream Team” are few and far between.

As legend has it they first got together in the Fall of 2011, a day much like any other day, but a day that threw this somewhat unexpected trio together for the first time.  With an uneven number of players the Dream Team was formed as a uniting of 3 wills with one purpose that day.

They should have known that things would turn out different that game, by just the way it started – with a game plan.  Although no one can quite remember whose idea it was, the decision was made to score all of their points via the 2 point shot.  And what a game it was – whether through the alignment of planets, or deals made with spirits of the undead – the ball fell through the hoop, again and again.  Like a band of Hobbits guarding “the precious” they took control of the game and never looked back.

Since that legendary occasion, the “gathering of the three” has been somewhat sparse and there are probably just as many fictional stories of their sighting as there are real ones.  On basketball courts up and down the West Coast, little kids, inspired by the movie “Candyman”, find themselves whispering “Dream Team, Dream Team, Dream Team” and searching the horizon in hope that this will be the day for them to play

4 thoughts on “Guest Feature!

  1. you know who (G$) says:

    Lets be honest here…..there is absolutely NO dream team, nor will there ever be…….this concept was conceived by the Happy Hooker himself, Mr. Beck, who has fought tooth and nail to have George on his team, no matter the price… seems ultimately that “winning” precludes any type of fair play or fair competition……what started out as trying to make a team fair when George is head and shoulders above everyone else on the court, a team was formulated by putting the very best, Jorge, and the very worst, Kracker on the same team to even out the numbers….the fact that our guest blogger wants to make this into a sort of “super” or “dream” team is unexcusable and a total farce…..there was simply nobody else to pair up with George to make it even for the others so by tossing him in, the team became somewhat even, and so they were allowed to keep that core together… seems that one trying to find solace in including himself with the other star members and taking credit for a vast array of wins… just like taking a picture kissing a beautiful girl and showing it to all your friends, and them discovering that the girl is related to the boy! (done as a favor)… get it , I am sure……nuff said….peace/out

    • Anonymous says:

      You might note that the members of the dream team were not named….As far as the writer is concerned they are legendary in nature and in stature. The critic might take into account that he has been paired up with various possible members of the trio with similar results. The writer takes no credit for any wins and takes all the blame for any losses he might be involved in. In actuality, the term Dream team was not even coined by the writer but by an unnamed member of the squad….

  2. Anonymous says:

    We all know who they are regardless of editing….by the simple fact that Kracker always mentions to me who the dream team is……when the three are together and they add one player, Mr. Beck will say….dream team plus………………so there is absolutely NO mystery here……..

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