Sweltering Heat – Cold Lies

EL CAJON — “This was the worst decision of my life,” said D.

Reality set in the instant Darin stepped outside of the building and experienced the energy-sapping, will-crushing heat.  The entire outdoor world hissed a foreboding message to every breathing creature: “You are not welcome here. Go back inside!”

It was only 11:00 am.  The game hadn’t even started. The sun was still on its way up. Who had come up with the idea to play basketball today, and why had anyone gone along with it?

Flash back to earlier that morning. A seemingly innocent email, festooned with a cheery emoticon, sat harmlessly in the inboxes of a select group of Lunchsketball players:

“I know it’s supposed to be hot, but maybe the weather man is wrong  : )

 Let me know if you want to play – we can decide at game time


In hindsight, the signals of nefarious deception should have been clear; the San Diego weather man is never wrong.  Everyone in El Cajon had known for days that there would be record high temperatures on Friday. Only a fool would bother to question the forecast.

Kerry managed to find six such fools.

Six gullible players, with regret for their carelessness mixed with contempt for their deceiver, slogged through the bitter fate of playing a game of full-court basketball that Friday morning on the hot pavement with Kerry. Afterward, Gary reported that temperatures had reached 103°F during the game.

[W]e can decide at game time,” was the reassuring message in Kerry’s email. Had there been a vote? Had the players really been asked, at game time, if they would like to play? Where was this meeting held? There had been no such vote and no such meeting; only an empty promise.

Lunchsketball isn’t something that just “happens”. There must be a recruiter, and that can be a thankless job. To be a Lunchsketball recruiter is then an honorable endeavor, to be sought by the righteous man. Like all things, however, this too must be pursued in moderation. Kerry’s quest to put together Lunchsketball games has consumed him. With a blind eye to consequence, he will lure unsuspecting players into regrettable decisions with his siren song of basketball.

On the Saturday after the game, the following status was to be found posted on a facebook account attributed to Kerry: “Friday people said to us ‘You’re not stupid enough to play basketball in that heat’. — Ha! We proved them wrong….”

Could Kerry be proud of what he did? What twisted mind would boast of such a thing? You might read his facebook statement and find instead a hint of regret, or the admission of a mistake. That’s ok. You can give Kerry the benefit of the doubt; but so did those six unfortunate Lunchsketball players on that scorching Friday morning.


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