Adam Drains First Career 2-Pointer En Route to Victory

EL CAJON — A team of Adam, Jorge, Matt and G-Money matched up against Kerry, Darin, Jim, newcomer Evan and Tim aka “Benjamin Button” in the first Lunchsketball game ever to be scored by 2’s and 3’s.

During the early days of Lunchsketball, there was no “3-point arc”. Back then, every basket was worth one point, simply because there was no line on the court. A 2009 repaving, however, left the court with a new surface, some new paint, and a new argument: Should the game to be scored by 1’s and 2’s, or 2’s and 3’s?

It was somehow decided that 1’s and 2’s were to be used, and so it remained for years, until Thursday morning, when the decision was made to try playing a game scored by 2’s and 3’s.

Darin had the honor of making history by sinking the first 3-point shot ever recorded in Lunchsketball, with an open look from left of the key that caught nothing but net. It was a great all-around game for Trip, who excited the crowd with two ferocious blocks on Jorge and Matt. The effort was wasted however, as his team went on to commit a crippling 137 turnovers, eventually losing the game by a final score of 39-60.

Jimbo did not meet his customary quota of one shot taken from behind the line, but otherwise, the change in scoring method seemed to have little to no impact on the rhythm of the game. Darin said afterward that he had no idea what the score was the whole time, and so in that respect, nothing has changed.

The game was also notable for the debut of Evan, who showed that he is a strong defender and a ball-handler, and appears to have serious potential to become a contender for Adam’s “painful-looking-collisions-with-the-pavement” title. In just his first game, Evan managed to fall to the ground at high speeds on two separate plays.


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