Trade Rumors

EL CAJON — Erik’s team and Kerry’s team attempted to execute a last-minute deal on Monday that would have sent power forward Adam to Erik’s team, but talks between the two sides ended, because a key third player involved in the trade never arrived to play, a source familiar with the negotiations said.

Erik’s team effectively ended their pursuit of Adam by agreeing to terms with journey-man Gary on a one game contract, a league source confirmed to Gary, who was nursing a cold, hadn’t even planned to play that day, but he happened to be hanging out by the court, and agreed to join the game to make the teams more fair.

Erik had offered to send Darin to Kerry’s team in a exchange for Adam. The move would have then opened enough cap space for Erik to sign free-agent Mark, the source said. The two sides had arrived at what appeared to be a win-win deal, but Mark was mysteriously absent. He is usually late for shoot-around, and so tip-off was delayed for a for a few minutes to see if he would show up. The deal was officially called off at 12:23 pm, so that the game could start.

In a show of professionalism, Darin and Adam were unfazed by the drama, and both appeared to give a full effort for the teams that had just moments earlier tried to deal them away. League officials have yet to comment on Mark’s whereabouts on Monday.

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