The Week In Lunchsketball

Top Story:

The wait is over. The player who until now has been known only as “Evan” received his very first Lunchsketball nick-name.

“We will now call you ‘Mayhem'”, declared Gary, just this past week.

Since the day he first set foot on the court, Evan had been trying very hard to receive a nick-name/alias. Some would say that he tried a little too hard; he had raised some eyebrows by suggesting nicknames for himself.

“You have to earn it,” explained G. “You have to be given your nickname. You can’t ask for a nick-name.”

He has done very well for himself by getting a nick-name like “Mayhem”, considering what else is out there (think Blueberry). Who does he have to thank for the nice new moniker?  His frantic and physical playing style, and Allstate Insurance.

Quote of the Week:

“Jacob smells good!”

– Anonymous

Player of the Week:

Congratulations Matt, aka Matty Ice. Matt reportedly scored “a lot” of points (at least 10), to lift his teammates Chris, Gary and Jimbo to victory in a heated contest on Wednesday.

Poll of the Week:

You may or may not see a poll beneath these words. The WordPress polling app has still got some bugs to work out, and may not appear on your computer. The problem seems to be the domain name of hosting site for the app, Your workplace network security settings may be reading who-wants-to-know-what into the name “Polldaddy”, and interfering. Be sure to check it out at home on another computer, and cast your vote today!


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