This Week in Lunchsketball: Episode 2

Top Story:

The talent is spread pretty evenly among all the players on the Lunchsketball court. Sure, some of the guys can run a little faster or jump a little higher than the others, but nobody in particular sticks out as an all-star who should be trying out for the pros. All the regulars share a general lack of organized basketball experience. These are the guys who started playing basketball in driveways, and then took a long break from middle school all the way until they found this basketball Island of Misfit Toys in El Cajon, CA.

That is why it was so fascinating on Wednesday when they were joined by NCAA Division I talent. Ricoh salesman “Walt”, perhaps trying to get that extra edge to sell a copier, hand out some business cards, or maybe just looking for some refreshing exercise, joined in a game with some of his potential customers. All 6’6″, 250-some pounds of him. It must be said that he was probably 20 years removed from his Division I days, but he was facing competition that was 30 years removed from their days of YMCA weekend league Division 7 competitiveness.

“Did I just lose a sale?”, he asked, after effortlessly putting the ball into the basket flat-footed as a host of munchkin-esque defenders flailed harmlessly at his knees.

Alas, there wasn’t enough defense to really even test Walt’s potential. He was simply built to the wrong scale. He couldn’t run too hard or move too fast because he was probably afraid that he would literally crush somebody. Nevertheless, the bar may now have been set for most God-given talent ever to grace the rabbit-feces strewn pavement that is home to Lunchsketball.

Nick-Names in the News:

Making nick-name news in the second consecutive installment of “This Week in Lunchsketball,” is Evan, aka “Mayhem”. Before and during Tuesday’s game, everybody called him “Ethan”. The origins of the nick-name remain unknown. Also in nickname news, Adam aka “Whirling Dervish”, has notched a couple more names. “One-armed Bandit”, and as would naturally follow, “Slot Machine”, are now in play, following an injury to his wrist. Adam fell hard on his wrist early in the game Tuesday while trying to defend his “Falling-Really-Painfully-On-The-Pavement” title from hard-charging contender Evan, aka “Mayhem”, aka “Ethan”.  He was unable to use the wrist but persevered courageously with only 50% of his wrists available, and in fact eventually hit the game-winning shot.

Player of the Week:

Congratulations Jim! Jim has won 3 out of his last 3 games, and has been instrumental in each of them, including a victory over the team of Ricoh salesman Walt.  He is this week’s Lunchsketball Player of the Week.


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