Duck Tape Shoes Retired

photoEL CAJON, CA — Following months of speculation, Jim has gone through with the purchase of a new pair of shoes for basketball this week. The need for a new pair of shoes had become obvious to many in recent weeks. His old shoes were in such poor condition that duck tape was required to maintain structural integrity. Before a game, Jim would go to the warehouse, get the duck tape, and start rebuilding his shoes. During this process, he’d often remark that he had a $40 gift card for a national sporting goods chain, and would just get new shoes on the weekend if he could remember.

He finally remembered over the long Thanksgiving weekend, and the new shoes made their maiden voyage on the court during Thursday’s game. The shoes had their impact before the game even started. Jim arrived at the court relatively early; having grown accustomed to having to wrap duck tape around his toes before each game, he had budgeted too much time for game preparation, and was on court premises minutes ahead such punctual types as Erik, Jorge and Darin. The shoes cost a reported $80, and prominently feature a large, reflective UnderArmour logo. According to Jim, this was designed “so you can see me when I blow by you. It will be in your dreams”.


3 thoughts on “Duck Tape Shoes Retired

  1. Looks like the new shoes prompted him to feel like NBA player and perennial “gunner” Michael Beasley and like Beasley, proceeded to shoot uncontrollably and without hesitation causing his team to fall hopelessly to the less than stellar team of Jorge, Kracker, Trip D and the whilrling dervish!!!!!!!! Credit the hard playing of that four man team to overcome the extreme ball hog team of Phil, Jim, Matt, Eric and an un-named person who was apparently on the team for his motivational efforts and defense only! The four team rose to the occasion and fought their way to an prominent victory and left the other four plus unnamed player wondering what the hell just happened? I guess the shoes made Jimbo (or have gun will travel , aka Palladin) into an even bigger ball hogg and between Phil and Palladin, they were not able to overcome Jorge and his “super” team….oh well…that is the way it goes sometimes… be continued……………

    1. There did seem to be a real disconnect in terms of offensive strategy on the five team. With an offense that can only be described as “Norvesqe”, it resembled more of a game of catch between the B squad while leaving the premier shooter on the team left to contemplate life in the corner. Whether there was a covert plan to use G-$$ as a decoy, or just an oversight on the part of the players who were blinded by dreams of glory, the failure to provide the rock to the best shooter on the team lead to a dismal end…

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