Power Rankings: 2013 Week 5

Power rankings for the last week of January:
Only two games were played so far this week and so I am putting together a condensed version of the power rankings for this period:

1) Jorge (still clinging to this much cherished spot on the chart, has been #1 with a “bullet” since the power rankings were introduced and will occupy this spot until someone takes it away from him!
2) Jimbo (pretty solid both games, very good shooting and rebounding and passing through the stretch……job well done Jimmer……(ps….only negative is his proclivity to “kick” the ball out of laziness to prevent a play by the opposing teams! A new rule may have to be instated for those that kick the ball excessively instead of using their hands and arms!)
3) Darren pretty much was the deciding factor in his team’s victory on Monday…..did all that he could do and kept his team in the position to win!
4) Phil and Eric (tie) both played well in their games on Monday; pretty par for the course with their normal production!
6) Chris for his size is a force on the court, defensively and is a great passer and pretty good shooter…..what he lacks in height, he makes up for in determinatiion!
7) Adam was productive on the boards and defensively….only weakness is shooting percentage of getting the ball in the basket…but he is working on that!!!!
8) Jacob played ok in spots but his best game was on the court with his one on one with Kracker! Pretty good 3 point shooter….needs work on his inside game!
9) Kracker Beck……..what can I say? It has been a rough week for the man they call the “happy hooker” aka “meathook” aka “captain hook” aka “kelly clarkson” aka “beaker” aka “sonny bono” aka “not just eye candy”!!!! Did as much as he thought necessary on both sides of the ball, which was ok, and lost his one on one matchup with jacob…….poor guy…..my heart goes out to him…he played with a laceration on his hand during the one on one, and was having trouble breathing all week so we gotta cut him some slack!

there it is….peace/out! nuff said……G

This Week in Lunchsketball: Numero Seis

Top Story:

Important dates in the history of flight:

  • December 17th, 1903 – Wright brothers make first successful airplane flight.
  • May 20–21, 1927 – Charles Lindbergh makes first, solo, non-stop, transatlantic flight.

And now, add another to that list:

  • January 22, 2013 – Darin, aka “Trip”, aka “Darryl”, makes first successful flight to touch the backboard.

Shortly after the event occurred, the news rocked social media outlets and Darin became the talk of the town from San Diego to the cozy Ozark hills of his home-land when he posted the following status to his personal facebook account: “Today I touched the backboard for the first time. It feels like when I was a kid and I could first touch the top of the door frame.

The conquering of the backboard was witnessed by last week’s Player of the Week Jacob. Said Commissioner Gary, “I didn’t see it, but Jacob said he saw it.”

Quick Hits:

With the publication of two posts during Week 4, Jorge has raised his average to one post per week, and is back on pace to meet the daunting goal of one post per week during 2013… Jimbo has adjusted to the new scoring rules, and so when he calls the score he is now off by two points, instead of just one… John has still not set foot on the asphalt during 2013… Matt has not dislocated his shoulder yet in 2013, although he did get a bloody nose earlier and has recently been sidelined with some sort of cold… Please enjoy the exciting conversation taking place in the Power Rankings page comments.

Player of the Week:

Lunchsketball recently welcomed two quality additions. They will remain unnamed to protect their identities, since one of them is a minor league baseball player, and possibly has a contract forbidding him from doing things exactly like Lunchsketball. Know them as “4” and “5”,  the numbers that Gary thoughtfully bestowed upon them earlier in his rankings.

It was a sunny January afternoon when Lunchsketball had the good fortune to see these two arrive unannounced and join the game. They will be gone almost as quickly as they arrived, as 4 must leave when spring training begins, and 5 is moving away as well. They are making the most of their time here, and it already feels as though there ought to be some sort of going away party for them with cake and soda in the break room. Both together share Player of the Week honors.  Congratulations 4 and 5!

Power Rankings: 2013 Week 4

Ok….so now I have the unenviable task of ranking the players of lunchketball for yet another week, the week of 1/21/13-1/25/13 ( a shortened week for us);
Some of the regulars did not play this week as we were dealing with many different issues of business meetings, vacations, sickness and rain…..so I will do my best to rank those of us who actually participated this week!
Number one is the spot EVERYONE wants to occupy, and this week was a difficult one for me……but here goes……..I must qualify this by saying that you DONT have to win every game to be in the number one spot, but it helps….and every so often there are performances that are so inspired that even the fact that that player did not win a game in a particular time frame, he should still get ample consideration and this is that time!
1) virtual tie between Jorge and Nick ……the reason is as follows…..Nick led both of his teams to victory by exemplary shooting and defensive skills and has to be considered a top dog this week! Jorge, even though was not able to win this week, fought through very tough odds and matchup problems and led his team to comebacks that were very inspirational and earned himself the energizer bunny of the week award! Yes this is not an official award as of yet, but bears some consideration for the player, who by his efforts and determination and refusal to give in and throw in the towel, leads his team to “almost” win!!!!!!!!!! it is because of his stellar play and skills that the games he lost were as close as they were! So there you have it…..a tie for first this week with Jorge and NIck!!!!!
2) Charlie, while posting some very average shooting numbers lost both times this week but did some amazing things and kept his teams close as well
3)Jimbo…………….was pretty good for the whole week and monday shot the lights out…..he is steadily one of lunchketball’s better contributors, even though he is constantly bickering during game with commish on matters of scoring and fair play (ps…he kicks the ball a bit much)
4) Eric…..played his tail off on monday and could NOT miss……had some average games during the rest of the week but still a dominant force out there on the court
5) Micheal Lucero ….a young lad that had a very very nice game on monday and carried his team to victory with some nice shots, steals and passes!
6) Phil ………….one game…..pretty good stats……..decent ranking for this week
7) tie this week between Darren and Chris……both played in one game this week and both played very well on all aspects of the game, defense shooting and team play!!!!
8) Jacob……………..an average week for Jake………sometimes shot well and sometimes didnt….good rebounding and defense puts him here………….
9) Jr………..played pretty average and did not hurt his team as they won with his good steady play in the games he was part of
10) Kracker……….pretty good defending Phil, made some steals and did not shoot too much to hurt his ranking…….but I cant realistically put him above anyone this week…… so let the challenges begin and see what happens in the power rankings after the one of one games are in progress……next up….tues. game between Jacob and Kracker to see who is the top dog between those two!!!!!!

ps…kudos to George for an inspirational speech on his donation seeking spot on the blog…………I feel like donating just to get the autographed sleeve ! How cool is that? and doesnt he just look like someone you have to donate money to? He sold it well…..nuff said….peace/out……..Commish (with a capital “C”)

A Message from the Editor

Each week, the Lunchsketball blog strives to bring the finest lunchtime-pickup-basketball news and commentary directly from the playground to your desktop at work. As you may recall, 2012 was a phenomenal year.

In order to help Lunchsketball really drive forward into the future, you may be interested in helping out. Inspired by the featuring of http://www.kickstarter.com on an episode of Portlandia, Lunchsketball has started its very own project investment web page.

Yes, it took some wrestling with the kickstarter project review staff, but by making use of 6 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Jorge was able to weasel this very important project onto their platform. Now let’s show ‘em proud, Lunchsketball Nation! Please take a moment to review the Pickup Basketball Journalism Project, and decide whether this is something that you would like to be a part of.

Power Rankings: 2013 Week 3

Now is the time to change the power rankings for the week we just completed and it will go as such:
1) Jorge has not done anything to lose this prestigious spot and will continue to be in the position that we all aspire to be in!!!!!!!!
2)Skooter (Skoot, even though only competing in one game, was instrumental in bringing his team to victory through masterful 3 point shooting!!!!
3)Nathan as always, even with playing only one game showed why he is highly sought after to play with and why he can almost singlehandly dominate a game!!!!!
4)Charlie though only playing one game is still a force to reckon with
5)Nick is also a force to be reckoned with even if he only played in one game
6)Jim shot the lights out this week even in losing efforts and continues to play devils advocate with the commish in matters of discussion and evaluation of games….
7)Chris can play defense like very few his size and compliments any team he is on
8)Phil still can shoot with the best of them though this week was not on par with his av
9) Eric is a defensive threat and a layup demon even though this week he struggled in spots…..he is still “bigwater” and a force to be reckoned with
10)Darren and Gary Jr. make this list even though neither of them played this week
because of work or sickness
11)Jacob had ONE outstanding game but smelled up the joint the next day and was very uninspiring the next …..
12Junior was ok……..just ok…………….
13)Kracker was Kracker……..pretty decent defense….threw the ball away a lot and didnt score very much….his value was mostly spiritual and of the entertaining type most of the time…….
Ok….rankings done….so be it…………………..

Power Rankings


02_-_Single_Energizer_BatteryYou may recall that the following was written on Gary’s player profile page:

“[H]e has no qualms saying that a particular player isn’t as good as another… You always know where you stand in his rankings, and he does have rankings. He probably could rank everybody in the office if you asked him, and surprisingly quickly.”

On January 11, 2013, Gary made an honest blog of Lunchsketball by doing precisely as it had been written. In the comments section of the post titled “That Year In Lunchsketball”, Gary typed out the power rankings for the top players.

The rankings are not fixed.  Gary has promised to update them periodically. It is possible for a player to move up (or fall back) in these rankings. Each week on Thursday, the latest rankings available will be posted below, and copied in the comments for posterity. His methods for arriving at these rankings is not known. Discussion and commentary is strongly encouraged.

Without further adieu:

Taking into consideration this weeks games, I would list the power rankings as such:
3)Nicolai (newbie)
4)Charlie (newbie)
6)Chris (fargel)
7)Philly Cheese Steak
8) Trip D
9) Bigwater E
10)Matty Ice
11)Franklin Gump
12) Gary Jr.
13) Sid Seagle
14) Junior
15) Kracker

This Week In Lunchsketball: Part Five

Top Story

It was a week of good memories and rekindling of old traditions as a blast from the past, a veritable Lunchsketball Legend, Franklin, aka “Hank”, aka “Meathead”, aka “Tina” made his triumphant return from Wisconsin. Along with Franklin appeared his “Never Forget” T-shirt, featuring a picture of a dinosaur, as well as his classic “Faux-Paw” T-shirt, featuring a picture of a dog with a prosthetic limb.

Hank appeared in two games, and submitted fine performances in each, going 2-0 on his road trip to San Diego. He quickly re-established himself as an inside presence, scoring with ease from the paint, and crashing the boards relentlessly.

Quick Hits

For those of you counting at home, as of Week 3, John has appeared in zero basketball games. That means that he has pulled within ten games of reaching our goal for him this season… Phil has discovered that Jorge’s winning percentage spikes in games featuring 8  players or less; however a lack of Lunchsketball interest among Vegas odds-makers leaves this information difficult to use for financial gain… Please see the new “Power Rankings” page, in which Gary reduces the souls who play Lunchsketball to mere, cold numbers.

Player of the Week

Player of the week goes to Jacob. Following a long time away from the game, Jacob returned to play in back-to-back-to-back games. On Monday, Jacob was absolutely phenomenal, ripping the nets from virtually everywhere on the court. He followed that up on Tuesday with a thoroughly abysmal performance, that was frankly an embarrassment to the sport. To bat for the full Lunchsketball-talent cycle, Jacob returned on Wednesday to submit a perfectly inconspicuous, average game. Congratulations Jacob! You’re the Lunchsketball Player of the Week!