That Year in Lunchsketball

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2012 should be remembered as a year of historical events for Lunchsketball. It was a year in which the scoring rules were changed. It was during 2012 that the record was set for highest temperature in which the game was played. It was a year of great advancements for Lunchsketball journalism, via blog, photography and video, and a year that saw no major injuries on the court, unless you are counting injuries to rabbits.

And so it is time to welcome another year of Lunchsketball. In order to help the good momentum continue through 2013, here are proposed New Year’s Resolutions for some of the Lunchsketball players:

Erik: Erik needs to watch his shoe budget more carefully during this new year. It is time to wake up to the reality that $15 is just silly money to be putting into a pair of shoes these days. Progress Report: During January 2013, Erik found a pair of shoes, normally retailing for $4.00, on sale for $2.00. So far so good, Erik.

Jorge: Write more content for the Lunchsketball blog. Jorge should set the following aggressive goal: 1 blog post per week. The world deserves at least 52 Lunchsketball posts during 2013. Progress Report: Jorge failed to post an entry during week 1 of 2013, and is therefore on pace to write only 26 posts during the year. 

Matt: Dislocate shoulder 4 times or less. After about 6 dislocated shoulders during 2012, a good goal for Matt should be to whittle that down. Really, 5 dislocated shoulders would be progress, but he should aim for excellence, not just progress. Progress Report: Matt got hit hard in the nose and bled all over the place after colliding with a teammate during a game early this year, but he did not dislocate a shoulder, and is on target pace.

John: Play in 10 games. Here is a challenging, but realistic goal for John. To help John, the Lunchsketball blog will track and report on his number of games played. Progress Report: Following week two of 2013 Lunchsketball, John has played in 0 games. That means he needs only to play in 10 more games in order to keep his New Year’s Resolution!

Player of the Year:

Evan, aka “Mayhem”, aka “The Reverend Mayhem”, aka “Ethan”. This award goes to the player who had the greatest impact. Evan is the obvious choice because he had a whole bunch of impacts. He had tremendous impacts with the pavement regularly, as well as impacts with the grass, bushes, fence and many of the players. Evan was the most impactful player of 2012 in a less literal sense as well. The man with as many nicknames as months-played brought a high-energy, high-spirituality, high-entertainment-value element to the game. Congratulations, Evan!

Quote of the Year:

“I see George, and he’s stripping?” – Karl, aka “Uncle Karl”, aka “El Presidente”.

4 thoughts on “That Year in Lunchsketball

  1. gary says:

    I would like to say that I enjoyed the lunchketball blog immensely this last year and I would expect to see at LEAST a weekly post by Jorge with NO excuses this upcoming season! As acting Commishoner of these games, I feel that we had a very entertaining and fruitful year of “lunchtime” basketball, and hope for many more. I was extremely happy that we were able to institute many new changes in our basketball games; namely the scoring method (using correct points calculation), changing the whole strategy of players and making the game flow more smoothly and fairly! We were also able to agree on changing sides midway thru the game, which also game both sides equal opportunities! Calculating “fair” teams by the commishoner, after many weeks of the “temporary” commishoner Kracker unfolding one sided matchups was also thwarted by the “regular” commishoner! Now we have level playing fields and more parity in the lunchtime basketball ranks! I have at times ranked players by skill and talent and importance to team, and would like to see the mastermind of this blog help to assist in posting weekly “power rankings” and possibly “fantasy rankings” among the lunchtime participants.. I will work diligently to help in drawing the rankings up in an acceptable fashion and then seeing them displayed to keep the competitive levels up as each player strives to hit that number “1” fantasy or power rank spot! I will have more to add as the weeks progress, but I would like to wish all the combatants and participants good luck (buena suerte) for this season and hope we all can survive with the least amount of ailments as time goes on…..thanks and good luck!

  2. gary says:

    Taking into consideration this weeks games, I would list the power rankings as such:
    3)Nicolai (newbie)
    4)Charlie (newbie)
    6)Chris (fargel)
    7)Philly Cheese Steak
    8) Trip D
    9) Bigwater E
    10)Matty Ice
    11)Franklin Gump
    12) Gary Jr.
    13) Sid Seagle
    14) Junior
    15) Kracker
    these are my estimations only and not the opinion of the blog manager…….that is his disclaimer for these listings…….Commish
    * please note: I will NOT rank myself as that would be unfair to others …..I will remain anonymous for the rankings……….

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