Power Rankings


02_-_Single_Energizer_BatteryYou may recall that the following was written on Gary’s player profile page:

“[H]e has no qualms saying that a particular player isn’t as good as another… You always know where you stand in his rankings, and he does have rankings. He probably could rank everybody in the office if you asked him, and surprisingly quickly.”

On January 11, 2013, Gary made an honest blog of Lunchsketball by doing precisely as it had been written. In the comments section of the post titled “That Year In Lunchsketball”, Gary typed out the power rankings for the top players.

The rankings are not fixed.  Gary has promised to update them periodically. It is possible for a player to move up (or fall back) in these rankings. Each week on Thursday, the latest rankings available will be posted below, and copied in the comments for posterity. His methods for arriving at these rankings is not known. Discussion and commentary is strongly encouraged.

Without further adieu:

Taking into consideration this weeks games, I would list the power rankings as such:
3)Nicolai (newbie)
4)Charlie (newbie)
6)Chris (fargel)
7)Philly Cheese Steak
8) Trip D
9) Bigwater E
10)Matty Ice
11)Franklin Gump
12) Gary Jr.
13) Sid Seagle
14) Junior
15) Kracker

One thought on “Power Rankings

  1. gmcfly1 says:

    Attention followers/RSS subscribers: I’m changing the blog setup so that Gary’s Power Rankings are posted on the main page. Seems a lot better that way. To do that I’ve got to publish them this afternoon, and then backdate. Please bear with.

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