This Week In Lunchsketball: Part Five

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It was a week of good memories and rekindling of old traditions as a blast from the past, a veritable Lunchsketball Legend, Franklin, aka “Hank”, aka “Meathead”, aka “Tina” made his triumphant return from Wisconsin. Along with Franklin appeared his “Never Forget” T-shirt, featuring a picture of a dinosaur, as well as his classic “Faux-Paw” T-shirt, featuring a picture of a dog with a prosthetic limb.

Hank appeared in two games, and submitted fine performances in each, going 2-0 on his road trip to San Diego. He quickly re-established himself as an inside presence, scoring with ease from the paint, and crashing the boards relentlessly.

Quick Hits

For those of you counting at home, as of Week 3, John has appeared in zero basketball games. That means that he has pulled within ten games of reaching our goal for him this season… Phil has discovered that Jorge’s winning percentage spikes in games featuring 8  players or less; however a lack of Lunchsketball interest among Vegas odds-makers leaves this information difficult to use for financial gain… Please see the new “Power Rankings” page, in which Gary reduces the souls who play Lunchsketball to mere, cold numbers.

Player of the Week

Player of the week goes to Jacob. Following a long time away from the game, Jacob returned to play in back-to-back-to-back games. On Monday, Jacob was absolutely phenomenal, ripping the nets from virtually everywhere on the court. He followed that up on Tuesday with a thoroughly abysmal performance, that was frankly an embarrassment to the sport. To bat for the full Lunchsketball-talent cycle, Jacob returned on Wednesday to submit a perfectly inconspicuous, average game. Congratulations Jacob! You’re the Lunchsketball Player of the Week!


2 thoughts on “This Week In Lunchsketball: Part Five

  1. Yaaay! I’m Lunchsketball famous! Thanks for the write-up. Great to see you all again! We’re planning on making another visit around early July. Will keep you posted.

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