Power Rankings: 2013 Week 3

Now is the time to change the power rankings for the week we just completed and it will go as such:
1) Jorge has not done anything to lose this prestigious spot and will continue to be in the position that we all aspire to be in!!!!!!!!
2)Skooter (Skoot, even though only competing in one game, was instrumental in bringing his team to victory through masterful 3 point shooting!!!!
3)Nathan as always, even with playing only one game showed why he is highly sought after to play with and why he can almost singlehandly dominate a game!!!!!
4)Charlie though only playing one game is still a force to reckon with
5)Nick is also a force to be reckoned with even if he only played in one game
6)Jim shot the lights out this week even in losing efforts and continues to play devils advocate with the commish in matters of discussion and evaluation of games….
7)Chris can play defense like very few his size and compliments any team he is on
8)Phil still can shoot with the best of them though this week was not on par with his av
9) Eric is a defensive threat and a layup demon even though this week he struggled in spots…..he is still “bigwater” and a force to be reckoned with
10)Darren and Gary Jr. make this list even though neither of them played this week
because of work or sickness
11)Jacob had ONE outstanding game but smelled up the joint the next day and was very uninspiring the next …..
12Junior was ok……..just ok…………….
13)Kracker was Kracker……..pretty decent defense….threw the ball away a lot and didnt score very much….his value was mostly spiritual and of the entertaining type most of the time…….
Ok….rankings done….so be it…………………..

8 thoughts on “Power Rankings: 2013 Week 3

  1. gmcfly1 says:

    Wow, big week for Skooter! From unranked to #2 in just one game.

  2. gmcfly1 says:

    Comment by Gary copied from original post: “actully I forgot sid seagle, or whirling dervish as he is known…..I would rank him just above gary and darren on the power rankings list for last week

  3. gmcfly1 says:

    Comment by Gary copied from original post: “I forgot one more game participant….Tim Staples……he seldom plays and causes havoc anytime he enters the arena…..I am struggling with putting him on the power rankings but my responsibility is to rank EVERYONE so I am gonna put him in a “tie” with Jacob at number 12;;;; remember Adam came in at number 10; and that moved Darren and Gary Jr. down to the number 11 spot in a virtual “tie”…..and therefore Jacob and Tim would fill in at number 12 in a tie as well! This is because Tim was very effective at times and shot well in spots and bad in others, so he was in one game a copy of Jacob in all three of his games! rounding out the list at number 13 was Junior….and 14 was Kracker……..so it goes……..enough for this past week….I look forward to a new week of lunchketball starting monday and let’s see what happens and how the “rankings” are affected this week!”

  4. gmcfly1 says:

    Comment by Gary copied from original post:”Today it was brought to my attention by the person sitting in the “lower” tier spot on the power rankings that he wanted to make a suggestion about them….and I of course I obliged him…..he asked that if anyone in the lower “tier” of rankings…..er……bottom five or six spots wanted to challenge anyone listed “above” said individual……in a friendly “one on one” game at the court, with a witness/official to moderate the game, and the winner could move “up” in the rankings or “drop” depending on the outcome ……..well then would that be possible? I being the fair and just commish that I am, agreed to host such a game; to be played to 11 by ones until one comes out victorious….at that point, the winner would either “rise” or “fail” in the rankings and proudly sport a much higher number than previously granted………..keep in mind….this only applies to the lower 30% of ranked players….I would hope that the higher tiers would be happy with their positions or play harder and try and move up week by week by performing better all around!!!!! Comments and suggestions are encouraged and unless their is a definite negative feeling about this.,,,,,then the challenge option is in effect, and you are obligated to accept the challenge from the lower ranked player or face consequences, either in rankings or in mandated penalties to be determined…..thanks for your support…….Commish”

    • gmcfly1 says:

      So far I have found my ranking spot to be totally fair and accurate!

    • gmcfly1 says:

      Copied from original post, comment from “Anonymous”: “Kerry has been put to the challenge three times and has come up with different things to why he can’t play. So we will see if he will actually come through or if he is blowing smoke. But I think likes being on the bottom, don’t let him fool you.”

    • gmcfly1 says:

      Copied from original post, comment from “Anonymous”: “Kerry is the challenger and it is up to him when he decides who to challenge. Those who are higher up aren’t in the position to set the parameters. Due to his workload and the demands on him as a husband he can’t just do things at the drop of a hat – Some of us actually have responsibilities.

      At this point the first challenge will be Tuesday, January 29 vs Jacob. For the record, Kerry doesn’t have anything to lose, and everything to gain”

    • gmcfly1 says:

      Comment by Gary copied from original post: “Wow….the cat is out of the bag now…..Kerry has indeed identified himself now as the one who is calling the shots as to who he challenges and the parameters of the game…..I can hardly wait till tuesday to officiate the first of his challenges against “the custodian” , Jacob “jake” johnson and will be sure to call a fair game and then report the results for the lunchketball blog! Let the games begin I say, and to the victor go the spoils….or will the victory be spoiled? Or who will spoil the victory……….oh what the hell…..let us see what happens!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said…….to be conitnued…….soon…..”

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