This Week in Lunchsketball: Numero Seis

Top Story:

Important dates in the history of flight:

  • December 17th, 1903 – Wright brothers make first successful airplane flight.
  • May 20–21, 1927 – Charles Lindbergh makes first, solo, non-stop, transatlantic flight.

And now, add another to that list:

  • January 22, 2013 – Darin, aka “Trip”, aka “Darryl”, makes first successful flight to touch the backboard.

Shortly after the event occurred, the news rocked social media outlets and Darin became the talk of the town from San Diego to the cozy Ozark hills of his home-land when he posted the following status to his personal facebook account: “Today I touched the backboard for the first time. It feels like when I was a kid and I could first touch the top of the door frame.

The conquering of the backboard was witnessed by last week’s Player of the Week Jacob. Said Commissioner Gary, “I didn’t see it, but Jacob said he saw it.”

Quick Hits:

With the publication of two posts during Week 4, Jorge has raised his average to one post per week, and is back on pace to meet the daunting goal of one post per week during 2013… Jimbo has adjusted to the new scoring rules, and so when he calls the score he is now off by two points, instead of just one… John has still not set foot on the asphalt during 2013… Matt has not dislocated his shoulder yet in 2013, although he did get a bloody nose earlier and has recently been sidelined with some sort of cold… Please enjoy the exciting conversation taking place in the Power Rankings page comments.

Player of the Week:

Lunchsketball recently welcomed two quality additions. They will remain unnamed to protect their identities, since one of them is a minor league baseball player, and possibly has a contract forbidding him from doing things exactly like Lunchsketball. Know them as “4” and “5”,  the numbers that Gary thoughtfully bestowed upon them earlier in his rankings.

It was a sunny January afternoon when Lunchsketball had the good fortune to see these two arrive unannounced and join the game. They will be gone almost as quickly as they arrived, as 4 must leave when spring training begins, and 5 is moving away as well. They are making the most of their time here, and it already feels as though there ought to be some sort of going away party for them with cake and soda in the break room. Both together share Player of the Week honors.  Congratulations 4 and 5!


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