Power Rankings: 2013 Week 5

Power rankings for the last week of January:
Only two games were played so far this week and so I am putting together a condensed version of the power rankings for this period:

1) Jorge (still clinging to this much cherished spot on the chart, has been #1 with a “bullet” since the power rankings were introduced and will occupy this spot until someone takes it away from him!
2) Jimbo (pretty solid both games, very good shooting and rebounding and passing through the stretch……job well done Jimmer……(ps….only negative is his proclivity to “kick” the ball out of laziness to prevent a play by the opposing teams! A new rule may have to be instated for those that kick the ball excessively instead of using their hands and arms!)
3) Darren pretty much was the deciding factor in his team’s victory on Monday…..did all that he could do and kept his team in the position to win!
4) Phil and Eric (tie) both played well in their games on Monday; pretty par for the course with their normal production!
6) Chris for his size is a force on the court, defensively and is a great passer and pretty good shooter…..what he lacks in height, he makes up for in determinatiion!
7) Adam was productive on the boards and defensively….only weakness is shooting percentage of getting the ball in the basket…but he is working on that!!!!
8) Jacob played ok in spots but his best game was on the court with his one on one with Kracker! Pretty good 3 point shooter….needs work on his inside game!
9) Kracker Beck……..what can I say? It has been a rough week for the man they call the “happy hooker” aka “meathook” aka “captain hook” aka “kelly clarkson” aka “beaker” aka “sonny bono” aka “not just eye candy”!!!! Did as much as he thought necessary on both sides of the ball, which was ok, and lost his one on one matchup with jacob…….poor guy…..my heart goes out to him…he played with a laceration on his hand during the one on one, and was having trouble breathing all week so we gotta cut him some slack!

there it is….peace/out! nuff said……G

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