This Week In Lunchsketball: Chapter 7

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The week was full of shake-ups in the Power Rankings Presented by Gary. Nick and Charlie, who held positions 1a and 2 respectively last week, fell off of the rankings entirely. Meanwhile, Darin, aka “Heavy D”, shot from a 7th place tie all the way to sole possession of Number 3. Jimbo advanced one position to Number 2, despite Gary’s complaint of a proclivity to laziness.

Also noteworthy, Kerry and Jacob did battle in the first Power Rankings One-on-One Challenge. According to the official rules of the Power Rankings Presented by Gary, any player in the lower 30% of the Rankings is permitted to challenge a higher ranked player to a game of one-on-one. Should the lower ranked player win, he assumes the loser’s higher position in the Power Rankings.

A small crowd was present for the game, and excitement was in the air. Chris, aka “Fargel”, stood on the sideline, clipboard in hand, to record statistics for a list of prop bets involved with the game. Jacob soared to an early 10-1 lead, and then was able to withstand a furious comeback by Kerry (who at this point had the crowd at his back), to prevail 11-4.  Reportedly, there was actual money riding on all of this, and Jacob was a 2.5 point favorite.

Adam, aka “Whirling Dervish”, attached a suction-cup mounted GoPro camera to the top of the backboard, to collect footage of the action from an interesting, NBA-like angle. Look for that footage to be available here soon.

Thank you! Thank you!

thermometerThe First Annual Fundraising Drive is well on its way to becoming a triumphant success. The online appeal to underwrite has tugged at the heartstrings of this generous nation, and the response has been inspiring, as the drive is well within reach of its $60 target. In fact, it is possible that goal may be surpassed. A surplus of funds opens new, exciting possibilities for this blog. Perhaps the funds could go toward getting a better thermometer graphic.  This current thermometer graphic that we’re using is suitable for our needs today, but when the site grows as expected during coming months, there may be a need for a more sophisticated thermometer, with HD/3D graphics capabilities and real-time updates. The future looks bright!

Full-Court Press:

This space was formally called “Quick Hits”, but that seemed like a subsection of a baseball or boxing article, whereas “Full-Court Press” is a much more sport-appropriate and punny title for this collection of unrelated, half-baked thoughts… During a recent interview, John, aka “Versace” [games played during 2013: 0], discussed how easily he will be able to reach his New Year’s Resolution goal of playing 10 games, noting the fact that he would not necessarily need the entire year, and would quite realistically be able to play 10 games in a mere month’s time… The Power Rankings are going through a minor change; customarily  they have been released on Friday, but they are now scheduled for updates each Thursday. Please make necessary notes to your calendars and appointment books.

2 thoughts on “This Week In Lunchsketball: Chapter 7

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said Jorge…………the blog delivered as promised on time and was very descriptive…….I enjoy its fruits weekly and this week fulfilled my “craving” for said period! Touche Jorge and I am thrilled at the success of the fundraising campaign! Friday was an uneventful day as commish was “out of commision” for a couple of days to rest his aching hernia and this brings up an important point….in order for the commish to continue playing, he must purchase a special “supportive apparatus” for reducing chance of injury….this apparatus or “girdle” is not cheap! I would run about $60 plus shipping online…….so I may have to open up my “own” fundraising campaign to get the necessary funds to purchase such a contraption so that the commish will be able to keep on playing! Any help with that is deeply appreciated and I ask the inventor of this blog for suggestions how to accomplish that! peace/out………….commish is in the house!!!!!!!! and by the way, the commish turns 57 tomorrow and is the “oldest” player to ever compete on the lunchketball court in the history of lunchketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy b-day to the esteemed commish!!!!!! nuff said…

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