This Week in Lunchsketball: Week 6

Top Story:

Kerry sank a clutch three pointer near the end of the game on Monday. It didn’t tie the game. It didn’t even make the game close; but it was important for morale, as it drew the score to 57-30, ensuring that Kerry’s team would make it at least halfway to the winning score of 60 points before losing in memorable fashion.  Final score: 61-30. Yes, a record has been set. This was the widest margin of victory ever recorded in the game, as Gary, Darin, Adam, Jr. and Phil clobbered Kerry, Jacob, Jim and Jorge.

The game was a massacre from start to finish, with one team shooting the ball well and passing with brilliance, while the other team clanged shot after shot off the rim and backboard. Jorge was 0-15 from three point range, and Jimbo didn’t make a basket before Gary’s team had 50 points.

photo (2)

In truth, there is some question as to what bulletin board Jorge was referring to, and as the record books will show, the bulletin board material didn’t seem to help much at all.

Facial Hair News:

Adam took part in the historic blowout mentioned above, and then went on to lose back-to-back games on Wednesday and Thursday. One key variable: on Monday, Adam played the game with a luscious and flowing beard. Later in the week, he lost two games, now clean-shaven.

In summary: Beard = 30 point historic victory. Clean-shaven = Loser. Off the court, however, came this public statement from Adam’s girlfriend, responding to the fresh new look: “Sooo handsome!!! I have one very good looking man :)”.

New alias for Adam: “Samson”. Discuss.

Photo of the Week:

kerry mutombo

Kerry rejects a box of cereal. Photo courtesy of Tim, aka Benjamin Button.

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