Lunchsketball Urgency Letter

The Project Has Just Taken a Big Hit 

Crime: You see it in the headlines everyday, but you never expect it will be you. When it hits, it can be devastating. The Pickup Basketball Journalism Project was coming down the homestretch, just $12 away from the 2013 goal. The project received great news: a major donor was going to help. The donor had a $20 Starbucks gift card, and that was coming to the project in the mail. Well, days turned into more days, but no card in the mailbox.

It is with much sadness and frustration that one comes to the conclusion that the $20 gift card was stolen. That is precisely why it is strongly encouraged that donors follow the secure channels of the kickstarter webpage, but we’re talking about my sister here, and she doesn’t take instructions from kickstarter. That’s entirely understandable; I love Beth because she’s a free-spirit who lives dangerously and doesn’t follow the rules, but it means that this project has hit a slump, financially.


At the outset of this project, $60 felt like a challenging goal, but I knew that I could rely on my donors. I also knew that I’d receive my best support from my sister, who is especially generous to her favorite little brother. It is hard to anticipate something like a burglary though, and so now the project really needs your assistance. [click here to contribute]

Despite the Slump, It’s Full Steam Ahead

It’s a busy time at, and there is certainly a lot of work to do!

  • Lunchsketball is being read more than ever. As of February, the site has already had 55 visitors, which is an all-time record according to WordPress Analytics, and there is still some more February to go.
  • It’s spreading across the globe. Lunchsketball has fans in 10 countries, from Argentina to Ireland, and enjoys particular popularity in Germany and Thailand.
  • The new Power Rankings Presented by Gary page is changing lives around the country and around the world as people log on to receive weekly updates on the relative value of pickup basketball players, as assessed by Gary.
  • Youtube is a new and promising frontier for pickup basketball journalism. The videos such as this one on youtube have received over 100 views.

With all that Lunchsketball is doing, it makes me proud. There is so much that Lunchsketball is doing—and can do—but it requires the help of many people (probably about 15 total), particularly at this difficult time, when we’ve just suffered our biggest hit.

Please Don’t Make Me Email This to My Mom 

If the $60 goal has not been reached before February 19th, I will have to consider sending this site link to my Mom. I don’t want to do that. Mom is good with computers by the standards of her generation, but it is going to take her forever to get a credit card set up online, and there’s just a lot that could go wrong during that process. Please consider sending something this way today so that the Pickup Basketball Project, to add 6 new player profiles, can get underway. I am grateful for your support on this project.

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