This Week in Lunchsketball: Week 7

Top Story:

With full hearts and empty stomachs, Jorge, Jacob, Gary and Kerry re-united for the annual classic Ash Wednesday game in a bid to avenge their historic 61-30 drubbing a week earlier. The opponent’s front court once again proved to be too much for the under-sized 4 team. Phil fired a crisp 89% from beyond the arc, while Matt picked up the rest of the scoring load, making 42 of 43 (estimate) shots from the field.

Jacob still hopes to see the day when he can win one with George and the grandparents. He points to the final score of 45-60 as progress; 45 points is a 50% improvement from their final tally last time out.

This Week in Fashion:


“Those are like… CalTrans.” – Skooter

George strutted a new pair of snazzy-looking orange shoes on the court Tuesday. The shoes were ordered from the internet, and had arrived fresh off of the UPS truck just in time that morning. The office was buzzing with excitement. The occasion was shared in a special way by teammates who each donned their own orange article of clothing, touting themselves as “Orange Crush” (because the team wears orange and crushes opponents). Tim wore an orange handkerchief,  Adam wore orange socks, and Gary wore blue shorts with prominent, orange trim. Yes, that seriously happened, and for what it’s worth, Orange Crush managed to win the game in spite of it all.

Dream of the Week:

bron bronReports have surfaced that during the early hours of Thursday morning, George, aka “Jorge”, dreamed that he met LeBron James. In the dream, Jorge was very hungry, and when LeBron heard this, he generously offered to drive Jorge to the grocery store. The two of them went to Sprouts, and enjoyed pushing the shopping cart around and meeting fans.

The dream has been interpreted to be a direct result of Jorge falling asleep listening to an NBA podcast, following a day of fasting.

Full-Court Press:

Darin touched the backboard again last week, this time with multiple witnesses. He has announced that his next project will be to touch the backboard twice in one lunch… Matt jammed a finger nail while reaching to block a swiftly-thrown pass. The injury sounded very gross, and play was paused for a few minutes while Matt walked around grimacing and sucking on the finger. This is not his first injury of 2013, and yet he has still not dislocated his shoulder…  Jorge’s latest nick-name is “Orange Mamba”, because of the new shoes… John still has 45 weeks left to play 10 games and make his New Year’s Resolution.

Quote of the Week:

“That tree came at me really fast.”

– Adam, aka “Whirling Dervish”

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