Power Rankings: 2013 Week 8

Today is going to be a really rough day for power rankings…….there were four games and some people only played one game and others played all four…so I have to keep in mind all the intanglibles on both sides of the ball….all the hustle and key points dealing with getting everyone on the team involved to forge a win…..it is with this thought in mind that I have to make the rankings as follows……and if you have a problem with them……I am sorry…feel free to offer up a rebuttal on any position but be warned….it wont alter the rankings unless you can make a point that is sooooooooo much better that I feel inclined to change my mind…..so with that said….here goes….
1) because Jorge won three of four games with his leadership and knowledge of the game….it did not come down to sheer skill but also court sense and great rebounding a driving to the hoop………
2)Nathan ……..made his whole team better, and powered his team to one out of two wins…..with his size and shooting and passing he is a stat machince! He may have outplayed Jorge a wee bit one on one, but in the grand scheme of things, did not get the win in one of his two games played with a good cast around him! Still, it is by the slightest of margins that he falls to second place but I have to put him here!
3) and that brings me to Matty Ice….strong at number 3, he is a stud on the boards, a stud driving to the hoop and has taken more of a beating than anyone else on the court in the last few weeks! He wins the “timex” watch award for three weeks in a row…..because he take a licking and keeps on ticking! He is the ironman out there and a true force in the making….watch out Phil ……he has taken your spot and if he can learn a bit more court sense when it comes to seeing the court and making better passes will be firmly in the 2nd or 3rd spot on a weekly basis! it is by the slightest margin I put him at number 3, but when he gets his teammates involved more he can move up even more!!!!
4) Jimbo………played well all week and is solid at number 4……..he is a steady player in this area and hardly ever falls any lower……but he earned his way here……Jimmer ……..Jimbo……call him what you want…..he is a good player (and a bit of a gunner) lol
5) Micheal……..played a great game on monday and was very instrumental in his team winning and made very few mistakes if any in the game, thus propelling him to this spot on the rankings!
6) Eric and Adam…..I have to give them a tie at this spot….they both play with such intensity, such vigor, such piss and vinegar….what can you say about them? they are almost mirror copies of one another, both dribble very unusual, both are fast, both are excellent rebounders and both steal the ball a lot…..the difference only lies in their shooting and passing abilities……where bigwater is a much better outside shooter than Adam, inside they are both forces to deal with and both fight for their rebounds to keep the play going……and they are both studs on the court….however Adam is a much better passer than bigwater E……he usually gets the ball to his shooters with more accuracy and knows when to pass whereas big E hardly ever passes and when he does….LOOK OUT!!! it can go anywhere with great velocity as Jake found out when the ball ricocheted off his nose in a game this week! I cannot figure out where to put these guys so I will keep them joined at the hip for now…..
8) Darren fits in nicely at this spot…played a wonderful game but nothing out of the ordinary for him……I dont recall much of his accomplishments this week….so he fits nicely here at number 8!
9) Kracker ……had a pretty solid week….make some shots and for once, knew when NOT to shoot so he helped his team win on several occastions! Good for you Kracker…..played with passion and heart and did his best not to get in the friggin way so his team would lose! Touche Kracker….I salute you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10) Jacob……played very average this week…did not shoot particularly well and made a few shots but took a LOT of bad shots as well! His shot selection is what hurts him the most…needs to make better choices when deciding to launch one up! Made a few layups but outside shooting and rebounding followups were not very accurate this week…played pretty good defense and rebounded well……
11) Q (little David)……made a few shots but was not very accurate with passing and did not do anything well enough to rank any higher than this….but remember he is the youngest player out there and tries really hard and has a good shot but needs to be a more rounded player when it comes to rebounding, defense and passing!
12) Jr. ….his knee bothered him this week and he played ok….nothing out of the ordinary….did not make many points or make any great plays so he sits here in the last position for now……..
there it is….love it or hate it! it is what it is……till next week…this is the “Old Man”, G$ , your beloved commish! peace/out suckas!

Update: I just noticed something….I forgot to rank Phil this week….so let me insert him at number 7 after Adam and Eric…..since he played well but did not play with the fervor of Eric and Adam this week………sorry but I forgot about him and so he has been placed in the rankings…..:(


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