Week in Review – Week Ocho

Notable Game Recaps

  • Monday: Erik wound up playing for both teams during the same game. It all started when he crashed the party, becoming the 11th player to arrive at the court. The undersized El Cajon facility is already crowded with 5 on 5, and 6 on 5 is just asking for trouble, and so Commissioner Gary was faced with an unexpected logistical challenge. He handled this smoothly by instituting a substitution policy where the 11th man could sub in for any tired player from either team, and that is how Erik eventually managed to play for two teams.
  • Tuesday’s game pitted George, Kerry, Gary and Adam against the out-numbered but bigger, faster, taller and stronger team of Nathan, Matt and Jim. A half-time downpour made the court slippery, and tilted the advantage to the team with more players. Adam and his band of crafty veterans could pass the ball faster than the defense could rotate on the icy slick court, creating open shots to pull to a commanding 14 point lead. That was exactly when Kerry started talking all kinds of trash, spurring Nathan, Matt and Jimbo to come back and take a 58 to 57 lead. The game came to an unsatisfying conclusion when Jorge rattled in an ill-advised, off-balance, contested, NBA range, 3 pointer.

Injury Report

Darin has regressed with that neck thing where he can’t turn his head to the left, and has missed significant playing time. He tried to come back on Thursday, but returned to the bench for Friday. Matt’s shoulder has been consistently located (not dis-located) during 2013. He is still in the injury report though; on Tuesday he misplaced his Tums, and had to play through the pain of acid reflux.

Big Things Coming!

thermometerCheers to the development department at lunchsketball.wordpress.com, for a triumphant fundraising drive. An amazing $72 of support poured in from across the nation, guaranteeing that the coffee and donut expenses of the blog will be covered for weeks into the future. Six new player profiles are on the way.

Full-Court Press

This week’s edition of the Power Rankings Presented By Gary weighs in with a Dickens-esque 963 words (counting each emoticon as 1 word)… Let the record show that there was a moment during Friday’s game when Jim announced the correct, actual game score…

Player of the Week

In a week filled with great basketball from a number of players, it’s fair to assume that what Kerry, aka “Kracker”, did on Thursday is all that people are going to talk about when they look back to Week 8. Kerry stepped up when his team needed him most, with teammate G prematurely leaving the game to attend to a forklift emergency at HQ. Cap’n Hook put the short-handed team on his back and and brought them home with a fierce scoring rampage. Animal Kracker.

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