Week in Review: Week 10

Game of the Week:

EL CAJON – Wednesday’s game began as a fast-paced shootout, but morphed into an intense, defensive slug-fest, that eventually had to be cut short. With the score just 40-38 following what felt like 90 minutes of play, Jim announced that the game was to end at 50 points, instead of the normal 60.

The 4-team of Jorge, Adam, Jacob and Gary rushed to a big early lead, behind a scoring outburst from Jacob, but the 5 team caught up and took their own 12 point lead in the first half. Then it was Jim, Phil, Darin, Richie and Kerry’s turn to cool off, and the game settled into a gritty, defensive struggle.

Adam, who has a full beard now, battled remarkably defending Phil, a skilled post player. The out-sized Adam managed to alter Phil’s shots by engaging him in mundane conversation, such as asking about the make, model, year and mileage of Phil’s car. Phil tried to reply to Adam, dispensing the information in-game. It is that much more difficult to get the proper touch on a hook shot while saying “2008 Passat”, but Phil tried, whether out of gamesmanship, manners or some a mixture of the two.

40-38 was the 5 team’s last lead, as the 4 team turned it up with one of Gary’s patented baseline jumpers, a Whirling Dervish basket driving down the key, and fast-break points to reach 50.

Pickup Lines – How to Speak Pickup Basketball:

Hair-o-dynamic: Showing improved athleticism after a haircut. Short haircuts are believed to create a better air-resistance profile with less weight and drag, boosting player speed, agility and vertical leap.

“Jim was much more hair-o-dynamic today!”

Full-Court Press:

John went running on Thursday at lunch, which could be an early step toward playing a basketball game later this year… A ping-pong table has arrived in the warehouse (making the company that much more like Dunder Mifflin), and many of the basketball players have joined the newly formed “Table Tennis Society”… Darin gave up his beard for Lent, and has been diving in the Power Rankings ever since; suggested work-around – mustache…

Player of the Week:

On Wednesday morning, Kerry reported seeing four puddles on the basketball court. Commissioner Gary, man of action, took control of the situation by emailing Jim, Jacob, Phil, George and Darin to say he needed one of them to drive out and sweep up the puddles. Who would step up in a big way and answer Gary’s call to save the day?  Who would heroically volunteer so that there could be basketball at lunch on Wednesday, in a game where nobody slipped on a puddle? That person is the Player of the Week. Congratulations Jim.


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