Power Rankings: 2013 Week 11

Due to a shortened week of lunchetball and  a limited attendance of lunchketball players and attendance……I will do my best to rank the players that did play this week…..so here goes….

1)      Still at number one…..nothing has changed and nobody challenged Jorge this week for his number one spot with any one game great enough to slip into the number one spot …..and it is interesting to say but Jorge lost both games he played in this week but played well enough by rebounding, passing and defending to hold off any minute challenges to his esteemed position at the top of the list.

2)      Eric…..because of his magnificent shooting day on Wed,. he and Jorge pretty much held off four players to be in it till the last shot went down! What a hustle day for these two studs at the top of the list!

3)      Jimbo played well on the three team that took down the four team on Tuesday and played pretty solid….

4)      Matt and Adam  tied here….played well for their teams all week….neither shot particularly well this week, but made up for it in all other aspects of the game!

5)      Chris  played very well for the three team that took the four team down and played great defense and made pretty good passes and inspired his team to win with his example!

6)      Darren……had an ok game  but nothing special as he was limited by injury and will be looking to come back strong next week!

7)      Jr. and Jacob…….tied here at this spot, both played decent, both were good defensively and rebounded well, both passed ok, but neither made a large percentage of shots…….so this is where they are at for the week!

8)      And rounding out the troops………….Kracker is here………………………………and I will leave it at that…….thanks again for participating and hopefully next week is a good one and everyone is healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Power Rankings: 2013 Week 11

  1. Yes! I am invincible!

    I thought Adam would be higher this week. Didn’t he play in all the games and hit game winners in each of them?

    I might miss all of next week. What an opportunity for everybody else to play for the top spot.

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