Link of the Week: The Saturday Game

e ticket

This week, Lunchsketball presents an ESPN E:Ticket masterpiece, “Living and Dying for the Game”.  It was not published anytime recently (long ago, when Stephon Marbury was still relevant, apparently), but it is timeless material. It is a documentary about a bunch of old guys who have been playing basketball together, routinely, for years. Sound familiar? It is very well-written and fun to read, and a number of striking parallels between Lunchsketball and these players and their “Saturday Game” make it particularly interesting. For example, their game features a “Commish”  who obsessively monitors the number of players invited to the game. Then there is the part about a pair of long-time participants who argue like an old married couple. It’s a bit of a novel, so maybe print it out and enjoy it in the handicapped stall some day.  Here’s the link again:


3 thoughts on “Link of the Week: The Saturday Game

  1. With no Jorge to give the weekly analysis I will do my best to break it down.

    As Spring made itself known this week, the quality of the games can best be blamed on multiple cases of Spring Fever (some good and some bad) in a series of lopsided games that can only be described as “March Badness”..

    Phil took full advantage of the lack of any other “bigs” on the court to have his way, both on the perimeter and playing the post. As much as the other team tried, at times doubling up on “Foul Here” Lenahan, the old saying “you can’t teach tall” never ringed truer. Indeed, It seemed at times as though the players were channeling the VCU vs. Akron game from Thursday Night.

    The core group of Darin, Erik, Gary, Kracker and Junior showed up all 3 games this week, with intermittent appearances by Jimbo, Matty T, and even Mark “Where’s Somber” McCowin.

    We can only hope that Jorge’s return to the court next week will return the Lunchsketball world to its natural balance.

    Quote of the week (by Adam in reference to a pass in his direction): “I got a shoulder on it”

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