Week(s) In Review: Weeks 13 and 14

We Already Have a George

There have been some different faces around Lunchsketball lately. George, aka “Jorge”, has been joined by a new-comer named Jourge, who prefers to go by “George”. He arrived at the court mid-game one week. George, aka “Jorge”, shrewdly added Jourge, aka “George” to the roster, and the dual dragon-slayer team stormed back from trailing 31-48, scoring 16 unanswered points for the win. Jourge continues to play now on a regular basis.

Another new player is Gary’s relative (nephew?) Michael, who first appeared last summer, but had to leave for school in the fall. He has two shots that are particularly lethal here: three pointers and running floaters. The older, fartier guys who play this game all have one way that they like to play defense. That can be described as mostly standing around in the key and swinging at their opponents as they pass by. This defense is no good for three pointers, because the three point line is too far from the key, and so that’s unstoppable.  The running floater would be defend-able,  except Michael weighs approximately 85 pounds, and so swatting him out of the sky seems unconscionable, even for Kerry. Long story short, the San Diego school system had spring break, which meant Michael was back in El Cajon, terrorizing the senior citizens of Lunchsketball.

Power Rankings Presented By Gary

Gary is on sabbatical indefinitely from the Power Rankings Presented by Gary, citing an uncomfortable amount of pressure and responsibility, and also claiming that the Power Rankings have changed the tone of Lunchsketball for the worse, as the players became over-focused on their individual rankings, and let the rankings hurt the game.

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