John Stuns in 2013 Season Debut

Soul-searching in South America.

Soul-searching in South America.

EL CAJON — At the outset of 2013, Lunchsketball set a participation goal for John, aka “Versace”, in this “year in review” article. Since then, you’ve received periodic updates about John’s progress toward reaching his resolution of 10 games played during the year 2013. After more than 3 months, it is happily reported that John has finally made a step toward that daunting goal.

For a while there, John seemed to be gone, without even a musty bundle of used sports laundry, wadded in the corner of the shower room, by which to remember him. He had disappeared into an “Eat Pray Love” sort of self-finding odyssey – traveling to Brazil to watch soccer games, taking up ping-pong, and going for solitary, mind-clearing jogs through the natural splendor of San Diego’s east county region.

During one of these runs on Thursday, he stopped by the basketball court. He was greeted with an outburst of enthusiasm from the other players, because he was wearing running gear, which looks just like basketball gear, and already arguments began as to which team would pick him up. Amidst the cheers, John walked around the outside of the court, taking care not to set foot on the pavement.

“Baby steps,” he proclaimed.  John, not wanting to rush back, let the players know that his participation was going to be limited during his first game of 2013. In fact, he only stayed for about 20 minutes, all of which he spent sitting on the picnic bench behind the baseline, making smart remarks at the guys actually playing.

He requested that this event be counted toward his 2013 tally, as tracked by the Lunchsketball blog. Out of appreciation for his acknowledgement of the blog, and also in hopes of encouraging additional, more active appearances, it has been decided that this does in fact count as John’s first game of 2013. Congratulations John! Just 9 games to go.


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