Week in Review: Week 18

Main Story:

It was an action-packed week in El Cajon. Monday saw Gary join forces with the acclaimed “Dream Team” of Darin, George and Kerry. They dashed out of the gate to a huge half-time lead over Jacob, Phil, Jim and Richie, only to find themselves about an hour later trailing 57-49 in a game to 60. At that point, Gary went to the well, put the team on his back, and carried them home to victory, beginning the comeback with a 3 pointer from the top of the key, and finishing with a long, off-balance, hand-in-the-face, into the sun, game-winning 2 pointer.

By Friday, East County San Diego temperatures had soared to the 80’s. The game was moved up to an 11am start to catch the last of the cool morning air. That’s a precaution that is often taken in the summertime, because Gary’s wife will send him to the dog-house if she finds out that he played basketball in temperatures above 90F. It is one of her rules. The teams on Friday were basically a rematch of Monday, except Jacob’s team traded Jim for Adam, aka “Whirling Dervish”.  Jacob was the hero in this one, firing an impressive barrage of 3’s, and leading his team to victory.

Beards in the News:

With the approach of Pentecost, Darin has resumed full beard power, after abstaining from facial hair for Lent. He is once again the prolific scorer and intense defender that was known before Ash Wednesday. Adam underwent a severe trimming recently, but took the appropriate measures to respect the beard, leaving sufficient face hair to keep his game up to par.

Link of the Week:

Please enjoy “A Night at the Flopera”. Turns out that flops look pretty cool in slow-motion to the right soundtrack.


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