Week in Review: 2013 Week 19

Game of the Week:

The rain cleared long enough to allow a game on Tuesday, and what a game it was. Gary, Kerry, George and Richie took the court versus Erik, Jim and Jourge. It was an interesting game: Gary’s team had an extra man, and more experience playing as a team, but Erik, Jim and Jourge had the upper-hand in terms of size and speed, and could create match-up problems and win any jump-ball.

As expected, the four team was able to get a lot of open shots by passing, and Jourge was able to score at will by just driving around/jumping over all four of his opponents. Kerry stepped up big on the boards, and Richie shot respectably well. Gary mostly complained about the Under Armour basketball, which is not his favorite basketball. The game went down to the wire, and was won on basically a coin-toss of a fade-away shot from George.

Full-Court Press:

Esteemed apologist Tim has appeared in a game in back-to-back weeks… Darin (knee), aka Darryl, has been placed on the disabled list indefinitely; he is getting kind of old… For those of you keeping track, John needs to play in nine (9) more games before January 1, 2014 in order to reach his 2013 quota…

Shoes in the News:

Erik forgot to bring his gear on Tuesday, and so, as is the custom, he scrounged up an ensemble of unclaimed gym clothes from the warehouse and bathroom areas. In selecting shoes, his strategy was to find the first pair that would fit and did not have holes in the sole. This turned out to be Jorge’s recently purchased, Caltrans-orange Nikes. He liked them so much that he borrowed them again on Wednesday, and turned in one of the better performances of his career.

Player of the Week

George is the player of the week. It’s about time, right? When he couldn’t find his shoes on Tuesday, he didn’t give up; he found a dilapidated pair of running shoes, strapped those on, and orchestrated a fine victory, without a complaint. George’s teams went 2-0 this week, and he submitted brilliant performances in both. On top of that, he went home and blogged about all of it. Congratulations, George!

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