A Snail’s Pace

gary the snailThe purpose of this blog is to report what happens on the court – things that have already happened on the court – but sometimes it goes the other way around, when what happens on the court is a result of the written word. Such appeared to be the case on Monday.

Last week, as you may recall, it was decided that the animal which best represents Gary is the snail. Gary took exception to this, and reacted by finding ways to showcase his speed throughout Monday’s game. For example, there was a moment when he picked up a the ball on defense after a foul, and began running toward his basket.  Despite 7 other players yelling “Dead ball!” and “Stop!”, he continued, in a show of his blazing speed, all the way across the court and scored a layup that didn’t count, since play had been stopped. “Would a snail do that?” he then asked, rhetorically.

Gary admits that he does appreciate the Gary the Snail character from SpongeBob Squarepants, and has, interestingly enough, been known from time to time to say “meow”, so it isn’t exactly the snail comparison that he disagrees with, as the assertion that he is slow.

That is a fair point from Gary, and so let the record show that the animal he is most like is not a snail, but rather a mutant, nitro-burning, turbo snail.

One thought on “A Snail’s Pace

  1. Wow! This is why Jorge is my favorite lunchketball participant!!!!!!!! He is here to write the truth and by God that is what he does………I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever the power rankings come back, he goes to Number 1 even before he plays!!!!!!!

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