Madden AmbulanceInjuries are beating up Lunchsketball. Gary’s Achilles condition lingers, although he has begun to play through the pain. Kerry reports that Adam, aka “The Whirling Dervish”, sustained whiplash injuries in a collision with Matt, aka “Mr. T”. To top things off, your Lunchsketball editor-in-chief is not able to report any further on these injuries because Jorge himself has been on the injured list most of the week, fighting what the Pacific Beach CVS Minute Clinic NP has determined to be an un-treatable case of “the flu”.

It is all a reminder of what a fragile thing a pickup basketball game may be. It is a special privilege to have a group of guys agree to meet on a regular basis somewhere to play a game, and not something to be taken for granted. And this is also a reminder that bloggers get emotional when they are home alone all day, with just old episodes of “Walker: Texas Ranger” to keep them company.

And so, in light of the situation described above, why not once again punt to the blogosphere for entertainment today? Here, via The Basketball Jones, is a video montage of Larry Bird tossing crazy dishes, all set to a delightful, groovy, 80’s, electronic-trance musical score. Here’s to next week!

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