This Week In Lunchsketball

Let’s Go Have Breakfast

El Cajon, CA — There was only one game played this week, and that game came about at a high price: sleep. Friday morning, seven stalwart souls, famished for basketball after a two-week drought, beat the heat and their cabin fever by dragging themselves out of bed on time for a 7:05am tip. Kerry, Jim and George matched against Gary, Adam, T-Ry and Erik in the first-ever game of Breakfasketball, or as it is better known, “Brunchsketball”.

There were originally nine scheduled to play, but not everybody made it. Matt texted at 6:40 to announce that he had overslept. Diana (aka “The Urbin Legend) was absent without leave.  That  left only seven players. When Tim (aka “Benjamin Button”) almost immediately hurt his ankle, it looked like Brunchsketball might become a game of 3 on 3. He was able to reach to the wells and grit through the injury though. When seven men of advanced years come directly from bed to an asphalt court to play basketball for the first time in 2 weeks, there are bound to be some injuries, and so just one turned ankle is not so bad.

Photo of the Week

Photograph (2)

Full-Court Press:

Check out the new video on the “About This Blog” page… Sources say that Darin (aka “Darryl”) has acquired a nose mask (aka Schnoz-arroo); Lunchsketball eagerly awaits the debut… Special thanks to for mentioning Lunchsketball in their “Noon Game” article; they are doing great work over there, analyzing pickup basketball in depth never before seen… Shout out to Kerry (aka “Kerr-Bear”) for hitting the game winning shot in the first ever game of Brunchsketball…

Quote of the Week:

“The ball lies its a** off all the time!”

– G$

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One thought on “This Week In Lunchsketball

  1. gary says:

    I love this picture… and the boys out there with Kracker doing his usual “reach around” technique to try and pry the ball from Gary Jr. who is avoiding contact from the proclaimed “Happy Hooker”, aka “Kracker” Beck!!!!!!!!

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