Back in Action

Game of the Week:

EL CAJON, CA — In recent weeks, the weather seemed to believe that it was Miami, but in these last few days it has returned to normal (aka “perfect”). The Lunchsketball players are slowly waking up and coming to the court, like bears emerging from a long hibernation in air-conditioned bear-caves.

On Wednesday, Adam, Phil, Gary, Tim and Jim were on a team against Matt, George, Darin and, **Dream Team Alert**, Kerry. On one side, you had the most successful and legendary franchise in lunch basketball history, while the guys on the other side were calling themselves “Adam and the Geezers,” or “Adam and the Bicentennial Club” (for combined ages well in excess of 200 years).

An upset was in store. Maybe they were benefiting from three weeks of rest, or maybe Tim was living up to his “Benjamin Button” name and is approaching his Jordan years, but whatever it was, they pounded the Dream Team. It also didn’t hurt that Adam brought out a classic “Whirling Dervish” performance. If the senior citizens had to pick up one mercenary, they made the right choice. This may have been Adam’s best game yet, as he patrolled both ends of the court with Teen Wolf tenacity, devouring rebounds, scoring on triple teams, and finding the holes to lead to what seemed like 15 layups.

Equation of the Week:

Phil in the office + No basketball at lunch = Phil drives out and gets Mexican food for lunch.

Full-Court Press:

Time to say goodbye to some notable Lunchsketball equipment: The “Orange Crush” era is over, as the bright “Cal-Trans” orange shoes that George introduced in February played their final game on Thursday… Gary’s black Nike basketball developed a tumor and has been retired after a remarkably long run as the preferred ball for the game… Gary brought a new ball and it is really bouncy; currently debating whether the new ball is extra bouncy or whether it is normal and everybody was just used to the Nike ball, which had been worn to Nerf-like conditions… Phil’s shoulder is sore and he doesn’t think he can make three’s right now, but don’t tell anyone…

Player of the Week

The award goes to Darin! When the doctor told Darin he couldn’t play for six weeks unless he bought a facemask, he went out and bought a facemask!  That kind of perseverance and determination deserves recognition. If you see Darin today, be sure to say “Congratulations!”


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