One For The Ages

Guest Blogger Kerry

Guest Blogger Kerry

The game was destined to be a one for the ages before it even began.

The teams had been decided the day before and anticipation ran high. It was to be “Adam & the Geezers (Phil, G$$, Kracker and Jimbo – four aged but experienced veterans with 200 years of basketball experience)” versus a hand-picked selection of four of Catholic Answers finest young lunchsketballers (Matthew “Buzzsaw” Tuszynski, Darin “Triple D’ DeLozier, Gary “The Younger” Lucero, and George “Swamp Thing” Gehring)

Then everything went sideways. It started early in the morning when Phil “Foul Here” Lenahan threw down the gauntlet with a “why only 4 young guys?” comment.  That comment inspired Erik “Dirtbag” Gustafson to throw his hat in the ring and what seemed like a pretty even matchup turned into an e-mail firestorm of trash talking and attempts to get into the other teams heads. Let’s get something straight  – these two teams don’t like each other.

Game time arrived and it was obvious from the get go that this was going to be a hard fought defensive battle. The scoring came slowly and cries of “uh-uh-uh, not in my house” were many. The Geezers feared the loss of their spiritual leader, when G$$ went down hard after tripping over an invisible obstacle  no doubt placed on the court by Erik “Dirtbag” Gustafson. Gary got up, dusted himself off and got back to business.  But even though the heart wants something, the body isn’t always willing and it seemed that the injury had effected G’s shot in a bad way.  Eventually the younger team pulled ahead at halftime to what seemed like an insurmountable 26-18 lead (At least it seemed that way in the mind of this 55 year old reporter.)

But things aren’t always what they seem.  Looking like the cast of “The Expendables”, the Geezers took the court for the second half with fire in their eyes and ready to play. It seemed that their mantra was “Defense wins games” and they used that style of play to force turnovers and go on a run to a 32-30 lead. The game was on – and at that point the air was filled with grunts, sweat, and maybe even a little blood – but after 90 minutes of grueling play the youngsters walked away with a 51-45 victory.

But let’s not be mistaken – Although with the victory they procured bragging rights, the youngsters know better than to rub it in the Geezers faces.  They know that the old guys had what was definitely sub-par day in regards to shooting and with the same teams on a different day the results could indeed be very different. G$$ put it best in a post-game interview… “all played as hard as I have seen them play so we did not lose for lack of effort……my shooting was off due to my crappy knee so I feel that I was the weak link today and probably cost us a close victory”

Is a rematch in the cards – you better believe it!

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One thought on “One For The Ages

  1. G $ says:

    One of my favorite all time entries….I love this one! bravo Kracker!!!!!!!!!!!

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