New Year’s Resolution

Lunchsketball has a resolution for 2014. It is time for a group resolution – Lunchsketball should come together as a team. Literally. The New Year’s Resolution for 2014 for Team Lunchsketball is the following: Challenge an outside organization to a game.

This resolution is inspired by none other than St. Katherine College coach Scott Mitchell. According to this U/T article, when Coach Mitchell happened upon the opportunity to meet the coach of the #20 nationally ranked SDSU Aztecs, he challenged them to a showdown against his St. Katherine College Firebirds. There are just over 100 students attending his school. The Aztecs accepted, and the result was an amazing 118 -34 final score. It will be left to your imagination as to who was on what side of that score.

If Steve Fisher will bring his team out to play against the Firebirds, then why can’t Scott Mitchell answer the call to scrimmage Lunchsketball?

The game would be played on Lunchsketball’s terms:

  • Tip-off at 12:20 pm on a weekday.
  • Lunchsketball has home court.
  • 4 on 4, so that Gary has enough room to shoot.
  • No refs.
  • Game to 50 by 2’s and 3’s, change direction at 25.
  • Kerry is allowed to slap.
  • Back court rules only apply to the other team.

Lunchsketball will be reaching out to Coach Mitchell in the near future. Look forward to an open letter on the blog.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. I am totally up for a game against them! Let them bring it and we will do our best…….I say throw down the challenge Jorge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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