Putting 2013 in the Books

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Good-bye-bye-2013-wallpaperThat moment has come once again, to step inside of our San Dimas phone booth and go back in time for an excellent adventure reviewing a year that was. During 2013, we rode the ups and downs of the Power Rankings Presented By Gary. Our hearts were warmed when Lunchsketball’s plea for help was met with a nationwide outpouring of $72 of support. Tears when the blog went away for the summer turned to joy and laughter when it returned in the fall. In as many words, it was another banner year on the blacktop.

This was a year that saw the emergence of a new franchise. Take four guys whose combined years of experience go north of 220, add Adam, aka “Whirling Dervish”, and what you have is chemistry that works.  Adam’s invention quickly turned into a fan-favorite juggernaut, ripping through opponents with ease, and “Adam & the Geezers” became a household name. Just as the Geezers were coming on the scene though, an existing franchise took the next step: The Dream Team.

2013-10-31 12.48.38

On Halloween, Kerry, George and Darin, (collectively aka “The Dream Team”) took to the court with authentic, Team USA licensed, Dream Team jerseys. Wearing Reggie Miller’s #10, Kerry (aka “Miller Time”) capped off a memorable victory with one of his signature “Let’s go have lunch” three pointers. An effort is underway now to have the jerseys retired in the rafters of the warehouse.

As you may recall, at the outset of 2013, Lunchsketball set some resolutions for a handful of its members.

  • John (aka “Versace”) had the challenging, but very realistic goal of playing in 10 games. The results are in, and John managed to play in just 1 game this year. He didn’t actually play in that game. He sat near the court, and he was wearing shorts, and so he was awarded credit of playing in hopes of encouraging more participation. So John came through on barely 10% of the goal, but really more like 0%. Better luck next year, John.
  • It is hard to believe, but Matt (aka “2 Shins”) went a full year and did not dislocate any of his shoulders. At least not on the court. Well done Matt!
  • Erik (aka “Gumby”) had been asked to curb the spending on his footwear, and success was a shoe-in for him! Stomping a foot on the accelerator early, Erik paid $1 per shoe for a pair of kicks from Goodwill in January, and when those burned out, he finished the year wearing the best available unclaimed shoes he could find in the office from day-to-day. For the price of a set of LeBron XI’s, Erik could play basketball for 100 years. Good on ya, Erik!
  • George’s goal was to average 1 Lunchsketball post per week. It just happened. This is post number 52 during 2013. That total does include some that were mostly written by Gary or Kerry, and it also includes a couple of “Sorry there won’t be a post this week” entries, but technically, mission accomplished.

In Memoriam:

And now, a moment to remember those dear to Lunchsketball, lost during 2013:

Under Armour Spongetech

Under Armour Spongetech

Caltrans Shoes

Caltrans Shoes

Beloved Wavey Ball

Beloved Wavey Ball

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2 thoughts on “Putting 2013 in the Books

  1. G $ says:

    I love this lunchetball blog….it is my apple pie (my dessert, if you will) after having my lunch (lunchetball) and was well written and was about 95% legit and truthfully expressed……..the only farce (travesty, miscue, misrepresentation, untruth) disgusting topic, if you will is the whole concept of the “dream team”….I will give NO credence to that…..it never happened…………..it was merely a bad “nightmare” if you will…..that kept getting unusual mention and was totally without any merit….there never existed any “dream team” nor will there ever be one……….but some people really do believe in the “tooth fairy” or the “easter bunny” and those such persons are the same ones that believe that a super team of some sort ever existed…..I will not sign off on that at all and in fact …….look to use the Miller time jersey for wiping down the bird excrement off my vehicle when I clean my windshield in the future! ………………….there never was , nor will there ever be any dream team….except the ones that actually went to the Olympics……sorry fellas…….it was just all a bad dream…..and once it goes away , hopefully it dies!!!! other than that….the blog was excellently displayed and written and I beiieve that its author should win a prize of some sort! touché and job well done captain Jorge!!!!!!!!!!!! peace/out…..G$

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe…

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