New Player Profile: Tim

If you would rather not subject yourself to a butchered performance of a reprehensible song, then here are the Cliffsnotes: The above video is a Lunchsketball first – a player profile, set to “music”. The lyrics are about how Tim, aka “T-Ry”, aka “Benjamin Button” is pretty good at basketball, but he gets hurt a lot. He is tough and will probably be back on the court eventually. The End.

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One thought on “New Player Profile: Tim

  1. G $ says:

    Great post Jorge! of the best ever done!!!!!!!!!! your artistic genius was certainly on display here and I am help speechless for maybe once in a long long while! Great lyrics……nice guitar playing and not too shabby singing! I am proud to call you my friend and “CO” Lunchketball team mate……(even if you prefer to have Kracker on your team)………but I get why……just still gnaws at me…..but I understand…………you are a lunchketball “god” my friend and a “legend in your own mind”……..BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all hail to king “Jorge”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is why I come back for more and look anxiously to the next post………(as long as it isn’t about that f$I)&*( dream team!!!!!!!!!!!!

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