The Week in Lunchsketball

Main Story:

EL CAJON, CA — Time to start practicing, because the St. Katherine College men’s basketball team has unofficially accepted the invitation to join the Lunchsketball players for a game. The Firebirds will be the first basketball team to scrimmage Lunchsketball, ever. This game cannot be scheduled any earlier than March (the conclusion of the Firebirds’ season), but already a buzz of excitement is building around the Lunchsketball court.

With the game still in the distance, questions abound. Will Coach Mitchell drop the clipboard and pick up the ball? Will the 6’8″ thunderous dunker Dale Austin be healthy? Do the backboards in El Cajon even withstand thunderous dunks? How will these teams match up? The T-Birds appear to hold the height advantage – look at the St. Katherine roster. Lunchsketball, however, clearly holds an edge with experience, having a vast advantage in years and life-experiences.

One thing is for sure: it’s going to be an exciting spring in El Cajon.

Game of the Week:

In a locker room meeting prior to Friday’s game, George wondered aloud whether wearing his Penny Hardaway Team USA Jersey might spark the team. Darin’s response was one that would set the tone for the game to come: “We haven’t been playing well. We need to earn those uniforms”.

Sans officially licensed Team USA uniforms then, the Dream Team took the court on Friday for the fifth time in what has been a rocky 2014 for the fan-favorites. “We’re having a rough January. My guys have been sick”, said Kerry (aka “Animal Kracker”), to explain his team’s 0-4 start.

Matt, Erik and Adam were all too aware of their opponent’s struggles. Smelling blood, they put up a furious effort to land what might have been a devastating blow, taking a late 32-31 lead. A cornered animal is a dangerous animal though, and from that point on, the Dream Team stole the game, emerging with a much-needed 50-40 victory.

“That was hard fought”, said Erik afterward. “Thing was, we didn’t want you to win, but you guys didn’t want us to win either.”

Full Court Press:

Two games of 3 on 3 were played this week; the player shortage comes at the worst moment for commissioner Gary, currently embroiled in a scandal alleging he pushed much-needed extra players away… Darin used profanity during Friday’s game; after a turnover, he inadvertently dropped a word considered disrespectful to poops… That was the first recorded instance of Triple cussing on the court… New nick-name for Jim: “Sir Kicks-a-lot”… The Dream Team is actually 1-1 when playing as the “pure” Dream Team – in 3 losses they had an extra player, so those technically should be counted separately this year…

Player of the Week:

Congratulations Adam (aka “Whirling Dervish”)! On Friday, the Dervish hit the first 3-pointer of his Lunchsketball career. And then, with the lid off, he stepped up on knocked down a second 3-pointer moments later. And that, is how you get Player of the Week.

6 thoughts on “The Week in Lunchsketball

  1. I think versus St. Kat’s one of our weapons can be those with unorthodox basketball moves…Dervish style will probably strike fear…E’s ability to run at 65 mph while bent at the waist….The sweat slick body of Swamp Thing….And DDD’d head bob is probably going to leave a few of the opponents players wondering what just happened, With no ref we definitely need to take it too them and play a physical game.

    It’s classic David vs Goliath….We will put them down and cut off their heads in victory…

  2. The “Dream Team” got their name from the ability of George, D, and pretty much anyone else, being able to beat any other 4 team. they have not been able to do that this year, and have struggled just to beat a 3 team. the “Dream Team” still has a long way to go before they are above average again. a personnel change perhaps? until then Congrats to G, and D… and that other guy

  3. How does one go about writing a “main” blog post here? Are we at the mercy of waiting til a new blog post comes up to make any comments? Or can we initiate one ourselves? Just curious…….

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