George Dazzles During Thrilling Victory

IMG_1494EL CAJON — Majestic. Monday afternoon, George reminded everybody why he is simply the most electrifying player in Lunchsketball, registering yet another virtuoso performance . Whenever he wasn’t playing shut-down defense, George was at the other end of the court, torching the trio of Phil, Erik and Adam, from everywhere.

“I’m biased – I grew up on the same blacktop playgrounds in rural Ohio where George started out – he’s always been this good, but I really can’t say there’s ever been a finer game of basketball put together, bar none, by anyone, anywhere”, said George, referring to himself in 3rd person during a bizarre self-interview. “He just made so many beautiful shots, and did some things on the basketball court that were just… wow.”

“Well, if I make it look easy I guess that’s just my game,” added George, suddenly shifting to 1st person during the same weird self-interview. “One thing that’s hard for me is the reality that no matter how good I get, I’ll never get to watch me play; but that’s just one of those things, you know? That’s life. I just play my game and don’t worry about it.”

The discussion of George’s career in recent weeks had shifted to injury problems, as he has been visibly hampered by an ailing right knee, and at other times missed games. On Monday, the George that fans know and love was, by all appearances, back and as much of a human highlight reel as ever.

“People in the press, they just want a story about me, like ‘Oh, George is gonna have to retire now with this knee thing,'” continued George, now beginning to alternate wildly between person-views. “Obviously, tonight I showed them they don’t know me. They don’t know George. That simple. Don’t know him one bit.”

In light of such a magical display of basketball talent, there will inevitably be a slew of comparisons to the other greats – names of legends from a bygone era like Franklin, Evan and Savik, or even contemporary stars like Gary and Kerry.

“I have a great deal of respect for all of those players,” I said. “I think everybody just has to stop thinking about who’s like who, and just enjoy it all.”

6 thoughts on “George Dazzles During Thrilling Victory

  1. Wow…..move over Lebron……now there is another man claiming his right to be on the MOUNT RUSHMORE of all time basketball greats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess George’s next comment would be, “move over Bird, Magic, Air Jordan…..someone has to move over so I can be put up there with the big “O” , Wilt and Kareem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”…..frankly….I dont have the words if you can believe that…………I guess it was not enough for us to tell Jorge how “great” he is….now he is telling the story in the third person…and then in the first person……….wow…..where do we go from here? ……….Somebody please tell Jorge that he is the Charles Barkley of Lunchketball…as self proclaimed superstar with NO TROPHIES OR RINGS TO DISPLAY…….sure he will be enshrined in the Lunchketball Hall of Fame….but then….he may just be the ONLY one there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said….keep on ballin’ Swamp Thing………….yu da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. All commments made here reference names that have been changed to protect the innocent…..we do not condone slandering or smacking fellow lunchketballers because of the threat of class action suits, so any reference to any lunchketballers of past and present are purely coincidental……..we have to protect ourselves so I put this disclosure here to do just that………..we all know who is who in the zoo anyways….so why give exact names, right? Oh….wait a minute…….the blog in chief used the name George” so he has already defied the subjectiveness of the post and has identified directly the object of conversation so I guess its a moot point now……sorry 😦

  3. Savik. Nuff’ said. Well, not really. In my expert opinion, McFly shouldn’t brag until he can ball hard AND have an arranged marriage to some distant relative he has never met. SAVIK

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