California Dreamin’: Fan Favorites Dominate Again

Tensions are rising on G-Money’s team in the wake of an ugly loss on Friday. Gary, Gary, Adam and Michael saw a 26-17 halftime lead disintegrate, falling 50-42, the latest victim of the Dream Team with its fan-friendly, action-packed style and chemistry.

In just the latest instance of social media creeping into the sports headlines, Gary sounded off on facebook, throwing teammates Adam and Michael publicly under the proverbial bus. He chose to voice his frustrations in the comments of a week-old photo posted on Jorge’s facebook profile. Apparently still mulling over the defeat at 9:30pm on Friday, G-Money wrote “my guys could not stop him in the second half……(Adam, Michael)”.

While the Dream Team brought their now-expected razzle-dazzle, including one of Darin’s signature “spin-cycle” plays, Big G brought some style of his own to the blacktop, throwing ridiculous “off-the-heezay” passes to teammates. Another bright spot was Adam’s long-awaited return to the court, after finally clearing physician restrictions.

In the victory, Kerry (aka “Special K”) struggled shooting the ball. His first made 3-pointer came in the second half. It had a perfect trajectory and made the most satisfying crisp “swish” sound as it slapped through the net. However, he was supposed to be in-bounding the ball, and so there was no way that shot counted. As it turned out, he was trying to pass the ball to Darin, who seemed to be open under the basket.

Kerry’s defense was superb, though. Any good aggressive defender will occasionally have the unfortunate mistake of making an inadvertent below-the-belt hit, and such was the case for Kerry on one particular play. It is important to just apologize and move on, but interestingly, Kerry argued brief-ly (pun intended) that he did not initiate the contact, and that, rather, his hand was slapped by the organ in question. That argument did not “fly”, so to speak.

Finally, in the midst of California’s historic drought, the El Cajon court is plagued with puddles. This is in violation of water restrictions. Expect the City of El Cajon to mandate that Jorge play less basketball during the water shortage.

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2 thoughts on “California Dreamin’: Fan Favorites Dominate Again

  1. G$ says:

    Let me get this straight….”ugly loss”? …….no …….we were beaten by the power of Jorge the Conqueror and nothing else…….Jorge singlehandily shredded our defenses in the second half of the game because two of my stalwarts were gassed and their batteries ran low……….we were able to thwart for the most part the other two members of his team and shut them down significantly so that there was only ONE real reason why we lost….our defense (and yes I mentioned them on facebook ONLY because of the photo of Jorge cutting through a wall of infidels and that kinda reminded me of what happened in the 2nd half of the game) and with that he was able to mount a significant attack and seal the deal….so to speak….we did not win ugly…..we fell short because two guys were gassed and one other needed help and did not get it….that is it…end of story…we live to fight again and fight again we shall…..and hopefully become victorious on another day……peace/out

  2. G$ says:

    oh and one more thing…..I did not think that a clothesline to the neck or a shot to the testicles was considered “great defense” but in a real game would have drawn either free throws and the ball or an ejection for flagrant fouls!!!!! a little contact is ok but shots to the groin or a clothesline is not good defense in my opinion…..just thuggery on the court……
    (any mention of players or names are strictly coincidental and not meant to imply otherwise…..these are fictional characters and as such should be treated as such)……

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