A sKerry Halloween Week

EL CAJON, CA — This week was all about Kerry. In not one, but two spooky games this week, Kerry made SIX 3-pointers each game. That was the high point. He also went to quite a low with another below-the-belt incident. But there’s no need to bring that up.

Despite his six 3’s on Wednesday, Kerry’s team lost in a nail-biter, victims of perhaps the craziest game-winning shot in Lunchsketball history. Gary’s nephew Michael spun into the lane, trying to drive to the basket for a game winner. Kerry stepped into his path, and in trying to spin away from him, Michael began to fall off balance. Whether it was desperation or planned, falling over with his back to the basket near the free throw line, Michael tossed a high-arching shot that fell through the rim to end the game.


Wow. Very circus. Such Dwyane.

With all of these tedious basketball highlights covered for the week, it is time to move on to more important news. As everyone knows, most of the Lunchsketball players share a single restroom. This is where everybody changes and gets ready to play. Unfortunately, an important part of everybody’s pre-game routine is to “get down to playing weight” by unloading breakfast (see last week’s article in which Gary missed this part of the routine and was completely useless on the court). To help with the situation, Jimbo has been kind enough to leave a can of Febreeze in the handicapped stall, but sometimes, particularly with certain people to remain anonymous (call them out in the comments), Febreeze spray just isn’t enough. With that said, consider the exciting new product “Poo Pourri. The Lunchsketball blog is considering starting a “Go Fund Me” in order to sponsor a test bottle. Commercial below will explain: