Bring In the New!

PickupDog-logoIn case you didn’t know, I, (aka “Jorge”, aka “Swamp Thing”), am stepping down from my role as Chief Editor of Lunchsketball. Although I will remain on staff with the title “Senior Fellow”, expect substantially fewer posts going forward.

I will be moving to the sleepy rural community of Poway and enjoying a slower pace of life. I’d like to continue to work on my writing, so “LuffleBoard” and “LunchsketBingo” are a couple of interesting ideas for where I could go, creatively. However, I’ve enjoyed writing about pickup basketball, and nobody else seems to be doing it, so I’m sticking with basketball, but aiming for a wider audience. You’ll find me at I am branding it as “Pickup Dog”, because a brand seems like a good idea, and I like dogs. Hopefully, at least one of the Lunchsketball readers, if not both of them, will follow me over there.

I will be happy to come back to make the occasional guest appearance on the El Cajon court, and I am looking forward to being in the warehouse for the jersey retirement ceremony, and returning once more for the statue dedication. I don’t want to interfere with the design of the monument, but I will suggest the integration of a fountain, to send water perpetually cascading over my likeness.

So there you go. Visit the new site, “like” the page on facebook, follow on Twitter, endorse on LinkedIn, cell-reference to it in Excel, wink on Match; it all helps. Lunchsketball has been fun to write, and so thanks to everybody for your participation and affirmations.


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