Player Profiles

CourtABOUT ADAM: Adam has become one of the regulars, and an emerging difference-maker in the game of Lunchsketball. He is among the league’s premier defensive players, and he is a fearless rebounder… continue reading →

ABOUT DARIN: Interestingly enough, D never seems to know what the score is. It’s not that he doesn’t care about winning, he just seriously can’t ever remember what the score is... continue reading →

ABOUT FRANKLIN (2005-10): A true big man is a rarity: he that has found one has found a treasure. There is nothing so fantastic as a pure center, and no scales can measure… continue reading →

ABOUT ERIK: In a way, Erik is the archetypal lunch-time basketball player. Like the game itself, there are few comparisons to be drawn between Erik and the rest of the outside basketball world… continue reading →

ABOUT GARY: G is very important to Lunchsketball. Not only is he a player, but he also organizes the game, so he is like the commissioner of Lunchsketball. G makes the teams… continue reading →

ABOUT GARY’S KIDS: Any time that Lunchsketball finds itself a player or two short, Gary hits the phones like an NBA GM at the trading deadline. He flips through a rolodex… continue reading →

ABOUT JACOB: Jacob’s overall presence calls to mind a sort of Lunchsketball Charles Barkley (from playing days, not Barkley the Hutt on TNT), and he has been proven able to withstand… continue reading →

ABOUT JIM: Jimbo is usually part of the teams that Gary believes have “all the speed”. He is also on the kinds of teams that Gary says have “all the size”, and so that makes him a real multi-dimensional player… continue reading →

ABOUT JOHN: He is the tornado of Lunchsketball; appearances from John are rare, unexpected and intense. There is the core group of guys who are ready to play every day, and then there is also a long list of… continue reading →

ABOUT JORGE: What you are dealing with here is a series of conditional nick-names. Before the game is played, the name conferred upon the subject is “Me-George”… continue reading →

ABOUT KERRY: Kerry is one of the key people who really makes lunch-time basketball happen. As a player, he shows up to play like Old Faithful, and… continue reading →

ABOUT MARISA: Marisa has never played basketball at lunch. This has not kept her from insisting that she is going to play as soon as possible. Throughout some four years working… continue reading →

ABOUT MARK: You know that it is a special kind of good day when you get the email from Mark, announcing to “all” that he is coming. Kerry probably emails Mark 100 times a year to ask if he’ll come, and Mark can… continue reading →

ABOUT MATT: Matt is one of the “regulars” and usually appears in one or two games each week, except when he has dislocated his shoulder… continue reading →

ABOUT PHIL: Phil loves to play basketball, but he really doesn’t much care for running. These two activities would seem to be inseparable, but Phil has found a work-around… continue reading →

ABOUT SAMER: Here’s another example of somebody who does not play every day, but that you need to know about. He’s a member of the Lunchsketball Reserve… continue reading →

ABOUT TIM: If you would rather not subject yourself to a butchered performance of a reprehensible song, then here are the Cliffsnotes:… continue reading →

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