ABOUT JIM: Jimbo is usually part of the teams that Gary believes have “all the speed”. He is also on the kinds of teams that Gary says have “all the size”, and so that makes him a real multi-dimensional player.

The Jimster has a very smooth fading jumper in the lane, at just about free-throw distance. When that shot is on, he is impossible to defend. He also has good touch off of the glass when he goes for a layup, and so you have to consider that before you think of defending the jumper too close. Jim recently expanded his game to include 2-pointers. In a typical game, he will shoot one 2-pointer. He only shoots this when he is left wide open. While one per game is normal, he may on some occasions shoot as many as three.

Jim likes to announce the score, or at least he likes to announce a score – not necessarily the actual score. Scorekeeping is a tricky thing in lunch-time basketball. There is no good way to do it. People just forget, especially when the games are long. There are some players, like Trip, who never have any idea what the score is, and never try to tell anybody the score. On the other side, you will find Gary, who is always sure that he knows the score, and in fact is prepared to introduce as evidence to support his claimed score, a sort of timeline play-by-play in which he mentions the last five persons who scored and in what manner their points came.

NAME: Jim, aka Jimbo, aka Jimmer, aka, Jim-on-Friday, aka Jimbo-Slice, aka the Jimster, aka, Jimmy-Crack-Corn-and-I-Don’t-Care, aka Sir Kicks-a-lot.
STRENGTHS: Judicious use of 2-pointer; Happy-hour aficionado.
RUMORS: Plays better on Fridays.
ANY TRUTH TO THAT?: Seems like people just bring that up on Fridays when Jim’s doing well, so as to get in his head by discrediting his performance.

Somewhere between those two, in the middle of the scorekeeping personality spectrum, you will find Jim. Jim will often call out the score, maybe more than any other player. It seems, however, that his idea of the score is not really precise. Generally, if you are paying attention, you will notice that he is off by one or two points. Jim will mis-state the score even when it works to the disadvantage of his own team. He isn’t very attached to his idea of the score, fortunately, and will acquiesce to vetoes.

Jimbo-slice has a reputation for playing well on Fridays. If it is a Friday, and Jim makes his first shot, someone might say “Uh-oh! It’s Friday! Look out for Jim”, or something like that. Conversely, if it is not Friday, and Jim misses a shot, a teammate might remark upon how it is unfortunate that the current day is not Friday. There has in actuality been no scientific evidence to support the idea that Jim is a better basketball player on days that are Friday. This appears to be an old-wives tale, and the origin is unknown. Nevertheless, lunch-time basketball players will continue to perpetuate this theory, because it is now a cherished piece of lunch-time tradition.

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