ABOUT JOHN: He is the tornado of Lunchsketball; appearances from John are rare, unexpected and intense. There is the core group of guys who are ready to play every day, and then there is also a long list of auxiliary players who make appearances in intervals anywhere from once-per-week to once-per-career. John, fitting closer to the latter category, shows up in short bursts of two to three games, occurring roughly semi-annually.

And so it is that John doesn’t always play basketball, but when he does, he prefers to dramatically alter the complexion of the game. He darts around the court like a border collie on Red Bull – head swiveling, eyes darting toward any motion in his surroundings – and as a result he gets a ton of rebounds and steals. Through his speed, energy, and sheer will, he gives his team extra shot opportunities; the flip side, however, is that he takes most of these extra opportunities that he creates. He is not afraid to shoot the ball, and that has become his reputation among the Lunchsketballers. The games that John plays in are likely to be won or lost by John.

NAME: John, aka Vercace.
FG Attempts per Game: 80% of them.
ADJECTIVES: Sweaty. Vocal. Impactful.
WEAKNESS: Played two soccer games last night, and has another one tonight, so he’s too tired to play. Didn’t bring basketball clothes, so he can’t play.
POSITION: Everywhere. Player/Coach.

John is one of the game’s most prominent floor generals. Throughout the game he offers teammates a continuous  stream of encouragements, suggestions, remarks, commands, etc. Teammates may choose to disregard this, or on the other hand, they may choose a mutiny for the self-appointed team captain. The emotional response of teammates to these vocal contributions thus becomes a key to any game when John plays.

Finally, following one of his games, John leaves a reminder of his times on the court. His game-worn apparel, all of it, remains in unwashed, collector-ready state, on the bench in the shower. For as seldom as John plays, from the first shot until long after the last shower, he is one the more impactful players in the game of Lunchsketball.

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