Memo from G…

Earlier this week, Lunchsketball participants got a very important memo from G. As everyone knows, G is one of the game’s premier organizers. He has very strong communication skills, including written communication skills, and he often emails the guys to give them their marching orders.

This week’s message was particularly special because of its exceptionally high word-count and the exciting news contained within (first-ever indoor Lunchsketball!), all written in Gary’s classic, liberally punctuated style. This historic email is included in its entirety for your review below:

Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 8:04 AM

Subject: basketball today…………special note*

Ok guys….the time has come…..this week is gonna be very hot……so with that in mind we have collectively decided to try the LA fitness gym out today for lunchetball!!!!!!!!!! We are gonna try for three days this week……either tues , wed and thur…….or ….tues wed and Friday………………….either way we are planning to meet there at noon today! Please leave early so you can get there by 12! Carpool will be available for those who don’t want to drive and is encouraged….also this is important…..I am taking an hour of vacation time to use so I can plan on being there a couple of hours……..I guess we won’t know till we are there if this will work so we need to give ourselves enough time….if you don’t want to be there for that long, you are welcome to come play for an hour and then leave….just let us know what your plans are ahead of time…we have not done this yet but Tim has scouted the gym and said it is relatively unused at most times so we hopefully will have a good experience!

Please let me know who is coming for sure and I have passes for those that need them (those without memberships already) and again some of us do not mind taking extra bodies….please just plan on bringing a towel….going up is no problem but a sweaty body coming back is not recommended unless you have a towel or extra shirt to sit on so you don’t get your driver’s car seats wet! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!  G