ABOUT ADAM: Adam has become one of the regulars, and an emerging difference-maker in the game of Lunchsketball. He is among the league’s premier defensive players, and he is a fearless rebounder.

Adam does not often take shots, but when he does he prefers them to be game-winning. While his shot is a work in progress, it tends to improve when it matters. His reputation as a clutch scorer was solidified during 2011, when he made the game-winning shot in each of three consecutive games.

Adam is not afraid to dive for a loose ball. In fact, he takes a gruesome spill to the pavement almost once every game. It is normal for any player to trip, or get fouled and fall awkwardly once in a while, but Adam leads the league in painful-looking collisions with pavement, and this race is not close. When he decides he should try to get the ball, nothing else matters. It is nice having Adam on your team, because it means that you won’t have to contend with him for the ball.

NAME: Adam, aka “Sid”, aka “Seagull”, aka “DJ GrooveQuest”, aka “One-Armed Bandit”, aka “Slot Machine”.
2-POINT FG%: Not sure, but when he makes one, “Adam Bomb” puns are possible.
REBOUNDS: Let him get it. Not worth it. Adam wants it more.
RESEMBLANCE TO DERVISH: Maybe. Need to see him play with the hat on before deciding.

His defense and rebounding are strong, but what the fans really want to see is his dribbling. When he’s got the basketball, he has a trademark move where he is able to suddenly stop himself and change direction by dropping the palm of his non-dribbling hand to the pavement. His outstretched arm becomes a pivot point for  precision hair-pin turns. This is always a fascinating play to watch.

Adam is often compared to a Whirling Dervish while he’s dribbling in the manner described above. For clarity, here is a video of some Dervishes, in the act of Whirling:

Somewhere in Istanbul, a well-read Turk may be pointing to a Dervish and saying, “He’s spinning around out there like Adam playing basketball.”

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