Lunchsketball: 2nd Week of Lent Update

EL CAJON, CA — Wednesday marked the return of spring in San Diego, following a long, bone-chilling winter that arrived on Friday and seemed to stay forever. Cabin fever, if nothing else, drove the boys out onto the court, braving the brisk 70 degree air; downright toasty compared to the the punishing 59 degree temperatures endured over the weekend.

It was a classic, coworkers-only game of four-on-four, pitting Kerry, Jim, Phil, and Darin against the two Garies (plural of Gary), Erik and George. Coworker-only games such as this have become uncommon, as Lunchsketball relies more and more on outside recruitment efforts to supply players. It has gotten to the point where it is normal for Kerry to chauffeur players in. This is one of the first issues hoped to be addressed by the new company president. Things have really fallen into dis-repair in the Lunchsketball department. Recent recruits Trent, Nick, and Anh have proved to be disastrous flops for the basketball program.

Gary Jr., who has emerged as the leading MVP candidate so far in 2015, dominated. Post-game, Kerry estimated that Gary Jr. scored 30 of his team’s 51 points, with a number of steals and rebounds to go along with that. Erik, aka E-Harmony, added one of his finest performances, and the game ended up being just a little bit of a blowout.

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